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Heaven on earth? Focal's 'loudspeakers for your head' headphones may come close

Is it possible to get the same audio experience from a set of headphones as you would from an amazing set of loudspeakers? Focal spent four years coming up with an answer: Utopia.

Focal’s new high-end headphones offer something for most budgets

Focal North America has unveiled three high-end headphones for a wide variety of budgets, ranging from the $4,000 Utopia open-back reference model to the $250 mobile-centric Listen.
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Coloud relaunches, looking to make a big splash with its newest headphones

Coloud might not be a household name, but it's looking to change that with the official relaunch of the brand and the introduction of a new headphone line, featuring the No. 16 and No. 8 on-ear headphones, and the No. 4 in-ears.
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Pound pavement to a soundtrack with the best running headphones

Running can be one of the least enjoyable activities of all time, especially when you spend the better part of your run fiddling to keep your headphones in place. Check out our picks for the best headphones for running, so you'll never have…
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NoonTec’s Zoro II wireless headphones boast premium style and great sound for a pittance 2:14

The NoonTec Zoro II are premium looking wireless headphones that will barely hit your wallet. They'll last up to 35 hours on a single charge, and the sound is far better than you'd expect for the money. Check out the video for an…
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Human's Sound ear covers aimed at meeting all of your audio needs

Human has announced the core features of its audio wearable, Sound. The ear covers will control ambient sound and aid communications and entertainment. Language translation and other functions will be revealed later in the year.
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Can these crazy Kickstarter headphones possibly be comfy? We tried a pair

The Vie Shair buck conventional headphone designs in an effort to provide a more comfortable listening experience for the user. But can a completely open headphone really work?