MartinLogan’s Mikros 90 headphones aim to bring the company’s high-end sound to the masses

Mikros 90 headphones from MartinLogan, hope to entice mainstream listeners and audiophiles alike.

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V-Moda M-100 headphones offer slick features for the urban audiophile with a fancy price tag to match

V-Moda ventures into the tumultuous world of audiophilia with its new M-100 headphones. Armed with dual inputs, a music-sharing cable and the ability to add a boom mic, the M-100 are a bit of a departure from the company's previous offerings. The same can be…

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SOL Republic’s college-themed Tracks headphones offer yet another way to showcase your fandom

SOL Republic's latest line of headphones let you represent your school with your ear-gear.

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Nocs’ NS600 Crush headphones aim to streamline design and air flow

Swedish audio manufacturer Nocs looks to please audiophiles and style-savvy consumers with its new NS600 Crush earbuds.

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RHA crosses the pond and heads for the big Apple

RHA's lightweight and affordable MA450i and SA950i headphones will hit Apple Stores later this month.

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Iconic Technics Pro DJ headphones return

Panasonic is re-releasing its popular line of Technics PRO DJ headphones as part of the 40th anniversary of the iconic SL-1200 turntable

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VOX Amphones a portable guitar amp for your head

Vox's 2-in-1 Amphones are designed for a more discreet brand of jamming.

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Apple replaces iconic earbuds with ‘sound-funneling’ EarPods

Apple's stock earbuds have long been the big black eye on an otherwise pristine design record, but they're finally going the way of the CD-ROM. Meet the EarPods.


Sony X headphones backed by Simon Cowell/X Factor

Sony seeks to cash in on the rampant popularity of headphones in the youth market with its own celebrity-backing and prominent promotional placement.

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Nocs looks for repeat success with NS800 headphones

With stainless steel casing, Kevlar and copper cords and a balanced armature, the NS800 look like a clear upgrade from the impressive NS400.

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Previewing Klipsch Image S4, Image S4i, and Image S4A headphones

We got the chance to preview Klipsch's upcoming fall headphone line, and the refreshed Image S4 (II) series sure impressed.

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SecureTips ensure your Apple earbuds stay in place

If you're tired of earbuds constantly falling out of your ears while listening to music on the go, SecureTips offer a simple solution.


Incase dresses up headphone line for summer

InCase reaches for the loudest crayons in the box with a summery redesign of its Sonic, Pivot, Reflex and Capsule headphones.


Headphone buying guide

Whether you want to listen from your iPhone or a $4,000 receiver, here’s how to buy headphones like a pro for years of listening to come.

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