Hewlett Packard

HP recalls 6 million laptop power cords over fire and burn risk

Hewlett-Packard on Tuesday issued a global recall of six million laptop power cords over fire and burn risks. The move follows 29 reports of the cords "overheating and melting or charring."


HP is making a smartwatch, and it’s fashioned by a renowned designer

Hewlett Packard has teamed up with menswear fashion designer Michael Bastian to produce a stylish new smartwatch, which will be sold by the fashion website Gilt.com later this year.


HP launches $170, 8-inch Android tablet, but forgets to give it a proper name

Hewlett Packard has added another new Android tablet to its growing collection. It's the drearily named HP 8 1401, and it's notable for its low price and the use of a new Allwinner A31 processor.


Apple MacBook Pro 13 with Retina vs. HP Spectre 13t x2

The HP Spectre 13t x2 is the latest Windows 2-in-1 to hit the market, and it's also one of the best sold so far. But can a PC convertible stand up to Apple's excellent MacBook Pro 13 with Retina?


HP shows off its Pads with new Elite and Pro Windows 8 Tablets

Hewlett Packard has announced a pair of new Windows 8.1 tablets, the ElitePad 1000 G2 and the ProPad 600. Both feature 10.1-inch screens and quad-core Atom processors.


HP’s back with two smartphone/tablet hybrids, but it’s not targeting the US yet

HP has announced two smartphone/tablet hybrids, the Slate 6 VoiceTab and the Slate 7 VoiceTab. It's taking its return to the smartphone market slowly, deciding to measure the response in India before potentially widening the release later on.


HP’s new Slate 7 and Slate 8 Android tablets now on sale, starting at $150

Hewlett Packard has put its new Android tablets up for sale through its own website. You'll find two 7-inch models, the HP Slate 7 Plus and Slate 7 Extreme, plus the larger HP Slate 8 Pro.


HP, you’re pulling an Anthony Weiner. We don’t want to see your phones again

Hewlett Packard is apparently keen to get back into producing smartphones, according to a senior director. We're not sure this is a good idea, as not only has HP made a mess of its smartphone efforts before, but also because PC manufacturers just can't seem to…


HP updates Envy printer lineup with 4500 and 5530 e-All-in-One multifunction devices

In addition to built-in wireless connectivity that lets you print from anywhere or from a smartphone, HP's new Envy 4500 and 5530 multifunction printers also feature a new subscription service that ensures you never run out of ink.


HP working on new holographic 3D display technology for smartphones and tablets

HP has revealed it's working on a new type of 3D screen suitable for use on small devices such as smartphones and tablets, which will be viewed without glasses and provide an almost holographic image.

Cool Tech

Rumored HP tablet could use Tegra 4 chip and Android as its OS

A new rumor suggests Hewlett Packard is working on a new tablet project, which could use Google Android as its operating system and a Nvidia Tegra 4 processor, and be aimed at the higher end of the market.

Android Army

Not so fast, laser, there’s a speedier inkjet that just arrived in town

HP unveiled the new Officejet Pro X series of inkjet printers, which are the fastest desktop printers available. Using a new print head technology, these printers are twice as fast as laser models.


Lenovo leaves HP in the dust, looks to build on PC success with smartphones

Research indicates Lenovo has become the world's number one PC manufacturer, as the company announces plans to expand its smartphone range.


HP’s Meg Whitman: “No plans to introduce a smartphone in 2013”

HP CEO Meg Whitman has said the company won't produce a smartphone in 2013, but may do within the next five years.


Too much of a good thing? How HP made a mockery of Envy

HP’s Envy brand used to be the Cadillac of the computing world, before it started stamping it on everything in sight.