Hewlett Packard

How Microsoft and HP avoid corporate taxes

A new Congressional memo looks at how America's largest companies use loopholes to avoid corporate taxes. Smart moves, or ripping off taxpayers?

HP announces three Windows 8 laptops, including the Envy m4 and affordable new Sleekbooks

HP has announced three new Windows 8 laptops, the Envy m4 and two Sleekbooks, which offer Ultrabook style at a reasonable price.

HP debuts four new all-in-one PCs, including the super-slim SpectreOne

Hewlett Packard has announced for Windows 8 all-in-on PCs, including the super-slim SpectreOne and the budget Pavilion 20.

HP reveals its Windows 8 laptop/tablet hybrid, the Envy x2

Hewlett-Packard has revealed the Envy x2, a taptop/tablet hybrid with a detachable 116-inch screen section, running Windows 8.

Move over, Nokia: Dell has Windows 8 tablet plans, too

Dell plans to reenter the tablet space with Windows 8, but can it beat out heavyweight competitors like Nokia by focusing on a niche?
Android Army

Apple, Google agree to privacy rules for mobile apps

Apple, Google, and four other companies have agreed to a new California regulation that requires mobile apps to include explicit privacy policies.

Opinion: Some amazing tech mergers that will probably never happen

Whether they’re prophecies or just pipe dreams, these potential company combinations could change the face of technology as we know it.

Jon Rubinstein leaves HP

Former Palm CEO Jon Rubinstein has left Hewlett-Packard, in the wake of HP canceling its webOS products and consigning the operating system to open source...eventually.

HP Envy Spectre ultrabook teased again as CES descends

HP releases a new teaser video for its Envy Spectre, a 14-inch ultrabook that is set to make its first public appearance this week at CES in Las Vegas.

Unsealed letter reveals allegations against former HP CEO Mark Hurd

An unsealed letter reveals former HP CEO Mark Hurd allegedly made aggressive advances on an independent contractor for years, prompting the sexual harassment suit that led to his ouster.

HP makes WebOS open source, new WebOS tablet possible for 2012

After much speculation, tech giant Hewlett-Packard has finally announced that it will be offering its WebOS platform to the open source community. But will there be any takers?

HP offering limited refurbished $99 TouchPads on 12/11

Like a cold sore, they're back again. HP is offering another round of $99 TouchPad sales. This time we'll have to be content with refurbished.