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HP offers TouchPad owners six free apps – but hurry

In an offer which expires at the end of the month, Hewlett-Packard is giving away six free apps worth over $30 to owners of its discontinued TouchPad tablet.


Five ways to use your new $99 HP TouchPad

Unable to resist the lure of a HP TouchPad for $99, but still not sure just how you’re going to use it? Check out some of these off-beat ideas.


HP webOS tablet prices slashed at Best Buy and elsewhere, availability is scarce

Store supplies disappear as Best Buy and other retailers slash the price on HP TouchPad tablets following Hewlett-Packard's announcement last week that it is discontinuing support for its webOS platform.


HP TouchPad slashed to $99

Electronics retailers in Canada are selling off Hewlett-Packard's TouchPad at a massively reduced price - $99 for the 16GB model and $149 for the 32GB version. Websites of US retailers are currently showing the old price but can be expected to follow suit. The…


Come join us, Microsoft says to WebOS developers

The future of WebOS, the operating system developed by Palm and bought by Hewlett-Packard, looks highly uncertain following HP's decision this week to leave the PC business and end tablet and smartphone production. Realizing there'll be a number of WebOS…


HP wants to sell its PC business, kill webOS: So what happens now?

When the number one manufacturer of computers decides to pack up its bags and go home, the industry is in for a major shakeup. Here's what the sale of HP's consumer division and the death of webOS will mean moving forward.


DisplaySearch: Apple is the top mobile PC vendor

Market analysis firm DisplaySearch has decided to count tablets as mobile PCs...and that means Apple is far and away the market leader.


HP TouchPads failing to sell, lots left at Best Buy

If you're looking to buy an HP TouchPad but can't find one anywhere, try Best Buy. According to a report, the store has around a quarter of a million of the devices taking up space in its stockrooms.


HP TouchPad $100 price cut made permanent

In what could signal the start of a price war in the tablet market, Hewlett-Packard has made permanent the $100 discount it offered last weekend on its TouchPad device.


HP TouchPad gets $50 cheaper

Did $499.99 put you off from buying HP's webOS-based TouchPad tablets? How would you feel about $449.99?

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Cybercrime costs rise 56 percent in 2011 for companies

Cybercrime seems to be skyrocketing this year and more companies are finding themselves under-prepared for digital attacks. A new study highlights the rapidly rising costs of dealing with cyber-based attacks.


HP replaces head of Palm webOS with its best PC guy

10 days after a cool launch for the TouchPad tablet, HP has replaced ex-Palm CEO Jon Rubinstein as head of the webOS division, moving him into the PC department.


HP in talks to license webOS

Both HP CEO Leo Apotheker and HP's Palm boss Jon Rubenstein have confirmed they're talking to multiple companies about licensing out webOS.

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Report: HP readying 7-inch TouchPad tablet

HP's 10-inch TouchPad hasn't reached consumers yet, but the Taiwan Economic News reports HP is readying a 7-inch tablet may be coming in August.

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HP TouchPad available for pre-order

Hewlett-Packard's webOS-powered TouchPad 9.7-inch tablet is now available for pre-order, with units set to reach customers July 1.

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