With T-Mobile’s SyncUp Drive, your car will be more connected than ever

Your cars are about to become hot spots on wheels. Meet T-Mobile's SyncUp Drive, branded as an "all-in-one solution for in-vehicle 4G LTE connectivity, driving analysis, vehicle tracking, and maintenance monitoring."

Conveniently small, ZTE’s new 4G LTE hotspot is just $80 through T-Mobile

ZTE's newest mobile hotspot is small enough to be convenient, and cheap enough to be accessible. It's just $80 though T-Mobile, and has been optimized to work on the carrier's 4G LTE network.

Cuba introduces plans to get more citizens online

A recent announcement from the Cuban government suggests that 35 Wi-Fi hotspots are to be introduced by the beginning of July, allowing more of the nation's citizens to access the Internet.

Chicago, New York libraries will soon lend Wi-Fi hotspots to patrons

Intended to help low income families access resources on the Internet, Wi-Fi hotspot hardware will soon be available for checkout at library locations in both New York City and Chicago.

GM announces onboard AT&T 4G LTE in select 2015 models

General Motors and AT&T combine forces, turning most GM models into mobile hotspots for 2015. Although in-car Wi-Fi is the wave of the future, the arrangement will surely displease many Verizon loyalists.

NetZero offers free 4G mobile broadband via Clearwire

NetZero has partnered with Clearwire to offer a free 4G mobile broadband plan...with the purchase of a 4G hotspot or USB stick.

Boingo brings free airport Wi-Fi to Nintendo 3DS

With Nintendo 3DS owners are likely diving into the free firmware update that Nintendo rolled out this week, Boingo Wireless is going to make air travelers with the 3DS even more excited with another freebie.

Boingo launches unlimited Wi-Fi in Europe

The new Boingo Europe Plus plan gives access to over 90,000 Wi-Fi hotspots in Europe, the Middle East, and Africa for under 30 euros a month.

AT&T offering free mobile to mobile

AT&T is giving users all the reasons it can to stick with its network, and the latest is free mobile to mobile regardless of carrier.

Verizon to offer hotspot tethering for $20 a month, says unlimited data plans are temporary

Verizon has clarified that its unlimited data option for the iPhone will be offered temporarily and that the company will eventually adopt a tiered data structure similar to AT&T's.

Kodak Ships First WiFi Digital Camera

Kodak has begun shipping what the company claims is the worlds first digital camera to feature WiFi capabilities - the EasyShare One.
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Hotspot Market’s Maintaining Its Heat

With a greater number of players, a greater number of venues, and a greater number of users, the hotspot market keeps expanding in all aspects, reports In-Stat/MDR.