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Never say never: HP returns to the tablet world, this time with a $170 Android tablet

HP is back in action with tablets once more, but is not looking to repeat the same mistakes of its past TouchPad. The new tablet, the Slate 7, is a bare-bones Android device, and doesn't offer much beyond an exciting price

Rebecca Black crowned top search term in Google Zeitgeist 2011

With countless numbers of search terms flowing through Google's search engine all the time, the company likes to compile the most popular search terms each year and publish the Google Zeitgeist.

Last $99 HP TouchPads sold out in 15 minutes

Hewlett-Packard quickly rid itself of the remaining TouchPad units Sunday night, after once again dropping the price from $499 to a mere $99.

HP offering limited refurbished $99 TouchPads on 12/11

Like a cold sore, they're back again. HP is offering another round of $99 TouchPad sales. This time we'll have to be content with refurbished.

HP’s $99 tablet officially no more, Best Buy to offer $150 32GB TouchPad Nov. 1

HP's $99 tablet is officially out of stock, but Best Buy says it has some 32 GB TouchPad's lying around and will be selling them for $50 in November.

HP to release Windows 8 tablet in 2012, future of webOS uncertain

HP will release at least one Windows 8-based tablet next year, the company said Thursday. But the ball is still up in their air for its mobile operating system, webOS.

HP will continue to make PCs, says CEO Meg Whitman

HP announced today that, despite considerations to the contrary, the company keep its PC manufacturing business under the HP umbrella.

HP and Condé Nast partner to deliver magazines direct to printers

In a move that's sure to require an enormous forest to supply the paper required for this project, HP and Condé Nast are teaming up to deliver content to consumer printers rather than the newsstand.

HP to start laying off webOS employees

It has been a rocky month for HP’s webOS platform. First HP shocks the mobile world by announcing that it will discontinue making hardware for webOS, and now it is laying off a large amount of webOS department employees. HP plans to fire…
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Fusion Garage slashes $200 from Grid 10’s price tag

Fusion Garage takes notes from HP's fire sale of the TouchPad and reduces the price of it's upcoming Grid 10 tablet by $200.

Report: HP to produce up to 200,000 more TouchPads

Get your credit card ready: A new reports says that HP is planning to produce between 100,000 and 200,000 more TouchPad units.
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Best HP TouchPad Apps

Who said webOS was dead? We've handpicked the best HP TouchPad apps to help you turn your $99 toy into a recipe book, television, virtual magazine and more.