HP needs to reverse its firmware update that blocked third-party ink, EFF says

The EFF sharply criticized the move in an open letter to CEO Dion Weisler. HP likely won't back down anytime soon, however. To them it's about protecting its "innovations and intellectual property."

HP gets fresh with new versions of its ProBook 400 series of business laptops

On Thursday, HP refreshed its line of ProBook 400 series of laptops that consists of five models. They now come with seventh-generation AMD APUs and Intel processors. One model even sports a discrete GeForce 930MX graphics chip from Nvidia.

HP buying Samsung’s printer business for more than $1 billion

HP Inc. announced its agreement with Samsung to buy the South Korean company's printing business. The sale is expected to close within a year. The deal gives HP a presence in Asia and lets Samsung focus on smartphones, TVs, and memory…

A man is selling Hackintoshes for $329, and he really hopes Apple won’t mind

Apple has always tightly controlled both its Macbooks and the operating system they run, OS X, but there is a group of people out there putting OS X on other computers. We speak with one man from the Hackintosh community about his new…

HP gets inventive with the launch of its new Pavilion Wave and Elite Slice PCs

HP is reinventing the desktop with the launch of its Pavilion Wave and Elite Slice PCs. The former is media oriented PC with a triangular shape and a speaker system mounted on top while, the latter targets businesses with compact, modular…

HP just built 3M’s privacy screens directly into its new laptops

Ever feel like the guy in the seat next to you is studying your spreadsheets a little too closely? Today, HP is unveiling the EliteBook 1040 with Sure View privacy filter, the first laptop with a built-in privacy screen.

HP is unleashing two new cube-shaped Omen X desktops and an Omen laptop packed with Nvidia’s GTX 1070 GPU

HP has revealed two new cube-shaped Omen X desktops ready for VR, a new Omen laptop sporting a discrete GeForce GTX 1070, and new Omen-branded peripherals. The company also plans to launch its very first curved G-Sync monitor.

HP's Stream line is looking fresher than ever with new paint jobs and price tags

HP might not be the hardware powerhouse it once was, but that doesn't mean it isn't still bringing the fight to some of the hot, young upstarts out there. HP's updated Stream line brings a trio of solid performers that should turn a few…

Charge your laptop, phone, and tablet on the go with the HP Powerup Backpack

Do You hate leaving the house with a dead laptop battery? HP's new Powerup Backpack might be the solution. It can charge your laptop while you walk to work, and can also charge your phone and tablet.
Virtual Reality

Artistry meets circuitry inside 'The Lab,' HP's trippy tech-art playground

The inaugural Panorama Music Festival was a music festival like none other, but not because of the music. Much of the credit goes to The Lab, a massive hub of seven immersive and interactive exhibits attendees could get lost in.

HP updates its Z240 workstation with more memory and a Core i7-6700K

HP released a third-generation model of its Z240 tower workstation on Tuesday, supporting more memory, a faster processor, an M.2 slot, optional HP Z Turbo SSDs, and more. The RGS receiver for Mac was dated too, slated to be released soon.
Virtual Reality

HTC reportedly plans to serve up Vive-branded desktop PCs from HP

Rumors suggest that HTC has reached an agreement to rebrand VR-optimized PCs provided by HP with the "Vive" name. The company reportedly wants to provide a consumer price-friendly package, presumably with a bundled headset.