HP’s Instant Ink knows when your printer is out before you do, sends you new ones

HP offers a convenience that automatically sends out replacement ink cartridges when your printer is running low. The company is highlighting its Instant Ink subscription-based program with new Envy and OfficeJet models.

HP to bring Skylake to Spectre X2 lineup with 12.5-inch convertible tablet

HP has reportedly decided to go all-out with the introduction of a Spectre x2 Windows tablet, complete with a Core M Skylake processor as well as a detachable keyboard.

HP reveals discovery of bugs in IE on phones that Microsoft still hasn’t fixed

Even though every piece of software tends to have some flaw or exploitable bug in it, it's important that they be fixed as quickly as possible. That's not been the case with the four smartphone IE issues that HP discovered months ago.

HP to ship Windows 10 PCs on 28th in bid to be first to market

HP might not do as much hardware business as it once did, but it's not out of the fight yet. It's going to ship out its Windows 10 hardware a full day before main rival Dell; a full 24 hours before the OS even launches.

HP’s new Chromebook 11 G4 starts at just $200

Getting yourself a functional, reasonable performing laptop for under $200 isn't impossible these days, which is why HP is releasing its new G4 to target those with shallow pockets. For those missing out on storage, there's even a spare…

HP readies new Pavilion x2 and Envy laptops for Windows 10

If you're in the market for a new laptop before the launch of Windows 10, HP has you covered. Its line-up includes a massive 17-inch Envy, mainstream 14-inch and 15.6-inch models with QHD displays, and a dockable convertible.

HP Enterprise will unveil prototype of ‘The Machine’ in 2016

Next year, we'll see HP Enterprise unveil a prototype version of The Machine, intended to be used by developers to create software ahead of the product's full rollout.

HP is dead; long live Hewlett Packard Enterprise and HP Inc.

Well, it's official. As of November 1, HP will be shedding half of its enterprise operations and splitting into two entirely separate companies to adapt to a shifting marketplace: Hewlett Packard Enterprise and HP Inc.

Microsoft shows off previously unseen new Windows 10 hardware at Computex tech show

During its keynote presentation at the Computex tech show in Taiwan, Microsoft has shown off several previously unseen pieces of new hardware, all of which makes best use of the upcoming Windows 10 software.

Buying a PC this year? Here’s what you need to know about bloatware

Bloatware has been on the decline in the PC space, but problems like Lenovo's SuperFish debacle prove it's not a dead issue yet. Here's what you need to know about bloatware on modern computers.

Interview: How HP’s Sprout wants to change tomorrow’s workplace

HP's unique augmented reality all-in-one, the Sprout, has been available to consumers for months, but now it's being rolled out for companies and educators. We spoke with two HP managers working on Sprout to learn more about what it offers…

A new HP Pavilion x360 is set to debut May 13

HP announced on April 22 that it will begin selling an updated version of its HP Pavilion x360 notebook on its website on May 13. This edition comes with a touchscreen and a display that can be pushed back 360 degrees.