Updated: HP, not Google, is manufacturing the next premium Chromebook

Source code for Chromium OS suggests that HP is responsible for manufacturing the next high-end Chromebook. The system is rumored to have 16GB of RAM, an Intel Core 6th-gen processor, and other premium features.

Want to add a powerful PC to your cluttered desk? HP's Z1 G3 all-in-one will fit 3:25

HP has shrunk its all-in-one workstation, reducing the display size from 27 to 23.6 inches, but the PC has retained its user serviceability and can still equip the quickest Intel processors.

Where’s the bottom? PC sales continue to plummet in 2016

New sales research demonstrates the continuing slide of PC adoption, as even major manufacturers like Lenovo, HP, and Dell fail to buck the worldwide trend of diminished sales growth.

HP’s Envy laptops go on a diet, but bulk up on CPU power

HP has refreshed its Envy line up, offering new iterations for the 15-inch and 17-inch models, as well as introducing a new Envy x360, with powerful internals and a slimmer frame.

HP’s sparkly Spectre is the world’s thinnest laptop, at just 10.4 millimeters thick

HP is launching a new Spectre laptop that takes the crown of "world's thinnest" notebook, and does so with several millimeters to spare. Surprisingly, the laptop will have a full Core mobile processor, rather than Core M.

AMD's latest A-Series APUs slash power draw while upping compute performance

AMD has revealed that it will officially launch its "Bristol Ridge" A-Series APUs during Computex next month. This series will include an "FX" model that supports DirectX 12 and Ultra HD video playback.

HP’s ‘Z’ workstations updated with improved specs, but cling to old tech

HP's refreshed 'Z' workstation lineup may be powerful and better than before, but it's still clinging to some increasingly out-of-date technology standards, like GDDR4 RAM and Thunderbolt 2.

HP CEO claims Window 10 isn’t driving demand for hardware

HP CEO Dion Weisler has explained a disappointing earnings report with the claim that Windows 10 has failed to meet the company's expectation that it would stimulate PC hardware sales.

The HP Elite X3 is a Windows phone that wants to be your next PC

HP is back in the phone business -- kind of. The Elite X3, its first smartphone in years, is a powerhouse of a phone running Windows 10 Mobile. It boasts the Continuum feature that turns a phone into a full PC.

Apple gains notebook market share in 2015, but can't top HP and Lenovo

New notebook market research figures show that Apple is gaining more market share -- around 10 percent -- but HP and Lenovo remain the top two notebook makers, while device sales are down globally.

HP plans to bring FreeSync to its affordable AMD laptops later this year

AMD has received a small boon from HP, with the announcement that all notebooks it produces sporting AMD hardware, will support FreeSync displays as well, starting later this year.

How can you tell HP’s new smartwatch is for ladies? It’s got Swarovski crystals on it

HP continues to work with the fashion world to produce partially smart watches with traditional designs. Its latest is the work of Isaac Mizrahi, and for once, is aimed at women rather than men.