No more flash: Google moves to HTML5 only for AdWords and DoubleClick

Google continues its crusade against Flash, insisting that all new advertisements uploaded to AdWords and DoubleClick must be displayed in HTML5 instead of the insecure and increasingly archaic Adobe Flash.

Twitch pushing Flash out the door in favor of HTML5 in future updates

Twitch has begun the transition from Flash to HTML5 for its game live-streaming service, starting with HTML5 player controls. The underlying player is still Flash, but this is set to change in future updates.

Microsoft: Internet Explorer is more energy efficient than other browsers

According to a Microsoft-sponsored study concerning the power consumption of Web browsers by the Fraunhofer Center for Sustainable Energy Systems, Internet Explorer consumes 18.6 percent less power than Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome.

Google Chrome might help find the tab with the annoying video ad

We've all been there: the desperate search to find and eliminate whatever browser is auto-playing audio. Thankfully, Google is testing out a new feature that turns on an animation if a Chrome tab is playing audio or video.
Cool Tech

With this HTML5 technology, video players will literally never look the same

A Swiss company is aiming to change the scope of video players by embedding them into HTML5, allowing media to load regardless of Web browser. No more javascript or flash downloads here.

Volvo shows off Ericsson-developed touchscreen at CES

Volvo is ditching buttons and knobs in its future infotainment interfaces, and it's retrofitting older models with the new system.

Facebook Android app drops HTML5 and rolls out rebuilt native app

Facebook's Android app has followed in the footsteps of its iOS app by launching Android 2.0, which dropped HTML5 in favor of a speedier native build.

Previewing Mozilla Firefox OS, an HTML5-based interface

The upcoming Mozilla Firefox OS is slated for a Q1 of 2013 release, but how is the development coming along? Here's our hands-on preview.

Everything you need to know about Firefox OS: Mozilla’s mobile play

Even in market crowded by iOS, Android and Windows Phone, Mozilla plans to add a new contender: Firefox OS. What can the open-source company bring to the game, and does it stand a chance of competing?

Facebook and Opera: How would that work, exactly?

Rumors have Facebook putting some of its newfound wealth into acquiring browser maker Opera. What could Facebook gain from owning its own browser — and would it solve Facebook's mobile dilemma?

Facebook wants to turn the Open Graph into a mobile app store

Facebook unveiled plans to push mobile payments via the Open Graph, and it could challenge other mobile operating systems.

Mozilla mobile unfolding; Marketplace app store opening for developer submissions next week

Mozilla's getting ready to take on Google, Apple. and yes, even Microsoft again. The Mozilla Marketplace open web app store is welcoming submissions soon, and the non profit is also in talks to develop its own smartphone.