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Hulu finally unveils app for Samsung Gear VR, with dozens of VR titles

Hulu's VR app is here at last. Created to work with Samsung Gear VR, the app allows viewers to watch 2D movies and series in an immersive environment, as well as 360-degree video content.

Amazon job listing indicates a 3D VR video platform is on the way

Could Amazon's Prime Instant video service be making its way to virtual reality headsets, complete with stereoscopic 3D functionality? This GlassDoor job opening seems to suggest so.
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Aaron Paul is involved with a cult in new trailer for Hulu’s upcoming drama The Path

Aaron Paul's latest series is set to premiere in March, so Hulu has released the first trailer for the upcoming TV drama. The Path follows a man and his family who are involved with a cult.
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Hunger Games’ Josh Hutcherson to star in Seth Rogen’s Hulu pilot, Future Man

Josh Hutcherson has a string of dramatic films under his belt, but he'll be venturing into lighter territory soon. The Hunger Games star is set to play the lead in the Hulu pilot Future Man, which comes from Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg.
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Get ready to watch a lot of TV with Hulu's new universal Windows 10 app

In the ongoing crusade to turn the entirety of the world's population into couch potatoes, Hulu has delivered yet another decisive blow to our will to perform physical activity. It's all thanks to its newly launched universal Windows 10…

Trends with Benefits: At Super Bowl 50, drones are out and 360-degree cams are in

In a very Super Bowl-centric episode, we discuss why this year's game won't stream in 4K Ultra HD, Microsoft vision of how the HoloLens could change the way we watch in the future, and why drones will not be welcome.
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Alphabet comes before Apple: Google’s parent now most valuable company in the world 2:38

Alphabet's stock soared on the heels of an earnings statement that exceeded projections, edging it past a struggling Apple by $20 Billion in combined share value.
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Time Warner Inc. wants a stake in Hulu, and an end to current-season streaming

Time Warner Inc. is reportedly working on a deal to buy a 25 percent share of streaming service Hulu. But, as the company reveals plans to undermine Hulu's practice of airing current seasons, its purchase looks more like a way to push…
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Looking to stream IFC documentaries? Hulu will be your only option

Hulu has closed a deal with IFC, making its streaming service the only place viewers will be able to stream documentaries from IFC Films, as well as any trailers for its upcoming documentaries.
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Wish you could channel surf on Netflix? This Chrome extension can help

If you find yourself wishing Netflix had some of the spontaneity of channel surfing via cable or satellite, a Chrome extension called Ottoplay can help bring some of that old-school charm back into your life.
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CW Network could bail on Netflix and Hulu in favor of its own standalone streaming service

A standalone streaming service, which comes as CW winds up current deals with Netflix and Hulu, would cost $2 to $4 per month. While currently still in a planning phase, it's said to feature a live feed of popular shows and on-demand…
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House’s Hugh Laurie to star in Hulu psychological thriller Chance

Hugh Laurie to star as a forensic neuropsychiatrist in upcoming Hulu drama Chance. Lenny Abrahamson (2015's Room) will direct the show based on Kem Nunn's novel of the same name.