Hulu Plus hits two million subscribers, more original content incoming

As Hulu continues to mature and carve out a successful subscription model in the form of Hulu Plus, the company promises a larger investment in content over the next year.

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Hulu increases size of Web video player by 55 percent, improves Face Match

Included in a series of updates to the video player on the Web version of Hulu, the video streaming company drastically increased the native size of the video player for all users.

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Walmart launches cloud movie service

Walmart is reportedly prepping a UltraViolet-based cloud video service where users can bring their DVDs into stores in order to access the same material online.

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Comcast takes aim at Netflix, Hulu Plus with new Streampix VOD service

Comcast has launched a new video streaming service, Streampix. Unfortunately, it's only available to Comcast customers.


Hulu Plus arrives on the Nintendo Wii, coming soon on the 3DS

Since approximately 4.5 million new households added the Nintendo Wii to their home theater, the gaming company is rolling out support for expanded entertainment options through Hulu.


Ooyala: 2011 online video watching doubled in Q4 for mobile, tablets and gaming consoles

According to Ooyala, the world is on a path to watching more video on smartphones, tablets and gaming consoles/connected TVs based on numbers from 2011's fourth quarter.


Hulu reveals original series Battleground; Netflix plans for two more original series’ by 2013

Hulu is chasing after Netflix into the untested original content realm. But with Netflix having one series launched, two coming, and two more planned by 2013 (one by Jenji Kohan), is Hulu's foray real competition for Netflix?


Amazon partners with Viacom – is Netflix nervous?

Amazon now boasts 15,000 videos in its Instant Prime library. A good effort, but that's still a long way to go to reach its major competitors' territory.

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Hulu releases trailer for ‘Battleground,’ its first original TV series

Hulu has released the first trailer for Battleground, its first original TV series. We've got details.

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Hulu Plus hits 1.5 million subscribers

While Netflix struggled to with disgruntled subscribers after a series of missteps during late 2011, Hulu has continued to quietly grow the Hulu Plus subscriber base.

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Netflix members watched 2 billion hours of video in Q4 2011

Netflix has proudly revealed that its customers watched roughly 10 times the amount of video content each month than users watch on Hulu.


Showtime’s Dexter is the most pirated television show of 2011

With more people in the U.S. turning to legal methods to watch recently released television shows online, the amount of illegal downloads through BitTorrent seems to be slowing dropping each month within the United States.


The state of streaming, cable, and television: What can we expect in 2012?

The future of television remains up in the air as content providers and cable companies prepare to fight it out, and streaming services wait in the wings.

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Hulu signs a deal for television content from the CW network

Taking a page out of Netflix's playbook, Hulu and the CW television network are entering into a partnership to bring current CW content to Hulu members rather than redirecting users to the CW site.


Skype founders new project is Vdio

You've sold your company to Microsoft, now what? Build a content streaming platform apparently.