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Rain or shine, iHome’s iBT9 speaker lets you take your music outdoors 2:15

iHome's iBT9 Weather Tough Bluetooth speaker has great sound, is dust and waterproof, and floats, making it a great travel speaker for any occasion or activity.

iHome’s Zenergy line of connected products gets your sleep back on track

iHome's new Zenergy series of connected alarm clocks get your sleep on track with color-shifting LEDs synchronized with your body's circadian rhythm. The first clock is available in two models.
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iHome ventures outdoors with its Weather Tough speakers

iHome's affordable Weather Tough iBT35 Bluetooth speaker offers decent sound, outdoor ruggedness, and even floats in water for under $100.

Pump up the jams with iHome’s Bluetooth Vanity Mirror Speaker

To help usher everyone's bathroom into the 21st Century, speaker manufacturer iHome just unveiled its innovative Vanity Mirror Speaker, which gives users the ability to listen to their favorite tunes while doing their makeup.

Apple Lightning Adapter: iHome, Gear4 accessories covered

There are worries over Apple's new Lightning cable and adapter's backward compatibility, but is it a cause for concern?
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iHome iP76 color changing tower speaker lights up your tunes

iHome's iP76 color changing LED speaker tower ($200) is a fun toy, but a toy nonetheless.

iHome reveals 2012 CES lineup of new Clock Docks

iHome has revealed its 2012 CES lineup of Clock Docks for iOS devices, including the new iW4, which integrates Airplay technology.

iHome reveals 80s-inspired Boombox iP4 model

IHome has a new iPhone dock, and it's got a very retro vibe.

iPad case with speakers, color-changing dock from iHome

iHome introduces a portable iPad dock, color-changing alarm clock radio, and iPad case with built-in speakers.
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iHome debuts Bluetooth-enabled docking station for iPad, iPod, iPhone at CES

iHome audio's new iA100 docking station allows users to wirelessly stream audio, accept phone calls.