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Study: U.S. teens love Apple, Instagram, Beats by Dre and Netflix

Perhaps not surprising considering the marketing dollars companies invest in promotion, U.S. teens are definitely leaning toward popular consumer electronic brands according to a recent study.

Selfeed website lets you follow all Instagram uploads tagged ‘#selfie’ in real-time

A new website called Selfeed shows all Instagram photos tagged "#selfie" in real-time – and thus creates a dynamic exhibit of the selfie culture. While the individuals in selfies stand alond, here they are part of a collective.

Pixifly is like a time machine for Instagram users

Ever wanted to travel through time? Of course you have, and now you can - kind of - with the help of new iOS app Pixifly. The app allows users to search Instagram photos by time and place.

Twitter to launch pop-up notifications for the Web

Potentially annoying if you have a huge number of Twitter followers that respond to your tweets, a new notifications system will inform users when a tweet is replied to, retweeted or marked as a favorite tweet.

Astronaut Instagrams first selfie from space

On April 8, astronaut Steven Swanson made history by becoming the first person to post on Instagram, from outer space. That photo? A selfie, naturally. Swanson is currently residing at the International Space Station.

These selfie-snapping koalas may be the cutest fuzzballs on Instagram right now

A trio of koalas at a Sydney zoo have "learned" to take their own selfies, using a Sony QX100 camera module attached to a tree branch. They have officially, for the moment, become the cutest creatures on Instagram. Time to teach your dog some new tricks.

Instagram on the up and up, user base crosses 200 million mark

Facebook-owned Instagram continues to attract more users to its cross-platform media-sharing app, announcing Tuesday its crossed the 200 million mark – that's up from 150 million six months ago.

Facebook’s firearms: Site hopes new rules will curb illegal gun sales

Following campaigns by a number of lobby groups, Facebook on Wednesday announced new measures to change the way firearms are advertised and sold on the social networking site, as well as on Instagram.

Anti-gun groups lobby Facebook and Instagram to change policies

Anti-gun groups lobby Facebook and Instagram for tighter rules. Even though selling guns isn't allowed on those services, it happens frequently; we easily found guns for sale on both platforms.

Instagram hoax: Oprah is not giving scholarships just because you follow her

A hoax is gaining steam on Instagram: An account set up to look like Oprah's OWN network is gaining followers by promising fake scholarships. Thousands are getting fooled.

Twitter refocuses on Instagram, adds photo-tagging to Android app

Twitter released an update for its Android app that gives users new photo-editing tools. This update is meant to help the platform compete with Instagram...but it's not a big-enough change.

Professional photographers reach out to citizen journalists on social media

Photojournalists are helping citizen journalists navigate the confusing world of photo licensing, even though technology like smartphones and social media sites have pitted them as rivals.

Instagram is growing faster than Twitter, Facebook, and Pinterest combined

A global survey indicates that Instagram continues to grow faster than competitors. It also underscores Facebook's continued dominance – even if teens are leaving, Mark Zuckerberg's company is still killing it.

BBC launches ‘Instafax’ news service on Instagram

The BBC is looking at ways to take its journalism to new audiences with the launch of an Instagram service offering short-form news via 15-second videos. The rollout comes as mobile traffic to BBC News sites overtook desktop traffic for the first time.

Check out the U.S. Interior Department’s awesome Instagram account

The U.S. Department of Interior is knocking its social media efforts out of the park, with a beautiful Instagram account and an engaging Twitter feed. The secret weapon? Gorgeous images of natural splendor. Purple mountains majesty, y'all.

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