Turn your Instagram photos into View-Master reels with Reelagram

Remember View-Master, the stereoscopic image viewer? Now you can have your Instagram photos turned into View-Master reels, thanks to Reelagram. The service also lets you create gifts for other Instagrammers.

How a small stock photo startup plans to revolutionize the agency model

Snapwire is a new stock photo agency that revolves around mobile photography and taps into Instagram's huge pool of creativity. Founder Chad Newell tells us how his agency is different, and why the photography community is so important.

Instagram turns off mommy blogger’s account for posting innocent image of child

Blogger Courtney Adamo recently had her Instagram account suspended for posting photos of her children, which the social networking website deems inappropriate. Her account is now back online, but her problems may not be over.

Beware! Fake EA Instagram baits its phishing hook with FIFA 14 exclusives

Malwarebytes has exposed a new scam wherein a fake EA Instagram account is luring hapless World Cup fans to give up their Xbox and Origin log-in credentials for in-game exclusives.

Kanye West’s not-so Instagram wedding photo took 4 days to make

Kanye West, during the Cannes Lions creative festival, said that the famous wedding photo of him and Kim Kardashian, took four days to produce. The reason? Because Annie Leibovitz decided not to shoot it.
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Facebook and Instagram open up to breast-feeding and post-mastectomy photos

Facebook has quietly reversed its controversial stances on breast-feeding and post-mastectomy photos – even ones showing nipples. The social network appears to have caved to an online campaign and changed its tune a couple weeks ago.

Instagram Version 6.0 boasts new and improved photo editing features, more to come

Instagram's latest update, Version 6.0, offers enhancements to its classic lineup of image editing tools. The update also includes ten new editing tools to choose from.
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Instagram joins Facebook, Twitter, YouTube on Iran’s banned list, no one is surprised

An Iranian court order adds Instagram to a growing list of banned social media apps, which includes Facebook, Twitter and YouTube, due to "privacy issues." However, many high-level leaders continue to use social media for their own…

Adidas lets sneakerheads customize a pair of shoes using Instagram photos

Want the ultimate pair of customized sneakers that nobody else on the playground will have? Adidas will soon let you create your own kicks by printing your favorite Instagram photo onto a pair of ZX Flux sneakers.
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ABC picks up a new comedy called ‘Selfie’ about a social media addict

Attempting to take advantage of the popularity of social networks in modern society, ABC has greenlit a comedy about a girl obsessed with selfies and promoting herself virtually on Instagram.

Lomography improves iOS app for Smartphone Film Scanner, now faster and streamlined

We bust out our old film negatives to play with the new Lomography Smartphone Film Scanner and see if we can turn them into digital photos fit for Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Plus, Lomography improves the companion smartphone app.

Woman spends $15,000 on plastic surgery to look better in selfies

Looking for a way to improve her look in photos taken with her iPhone, a Los Angeles woman decided to invest thousands of dollars in plastic surgery in order to improve every selfie posted to Instagram.