New app “Notify” from Facebook tries to be like Twitter for your lock-screen 1:36

Facebook's latest app "Notify" aims to create a timeline of news on your lock-screen. We went hands-on with the new app and shared our thoughts in this quick video.
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The Amazing Race goes viral, casting YouTube and Vine stars for new season

The new season of CBS' The Amazing Race features a cast of social media stars from Youtube, Vine and Instagram.

Developer behind malware app InstaAgent says there’s nothing to worry about

A third-party Instagram app promising to show who's viewing your profile has been exposed as malware. The app, InstaAgent, steals the supplied login data and sends it to a server, then may attempt to post pictures to your account.
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Just press harder — Instagram experimenting with 3D Touch ads and Apple Pay

Instagram is taking things to the next level -- and this time, it's not about its filters. Instagram is now testing 3D Touch ads that allow you to purchase various items with Apple Pay.
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Popular Instagrammer leaving social media, citing unhealthy culture

Essena O'Neill, popular Instagram model and social media star, releases a YouTube video explaining why she has decided to leave Instagram and why she plans to leave other social media platforms as well.
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FYI’s ‘Food Porn’ is an Instagram foodie’s dream come true

The new television show, Food Porn, on FYI channel, features an Instagram-themed format that follows chef Michael Chernow to different restaurants and incorporates social media with daily dishes.
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Instagram helps researchers monitor underage drinking

Researchers are using Instagram to monitor underage drinking, and in the future, other teenage issues. Instagram provides a great deal of data, and is simpler and less expensive than traditional survey methods.

Instagram launches new video channels to challenge Snapchat

Instagram is taking on Snapchat and Twitter again with a new curated set of video channels. The channels are going to be available for 24 hours each, focusing on specific events and holidays.
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NatGeo continues to dominate among social brands, beating NBA, People, Playboy

According to recent data, NatGeo continues to dominate other brands online regarding social actions on platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, and might easily retain its lead in the future.
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These are the most Instagrammed Halloween costumes

A new infographic has broken down the most liked costumes on Instagram by state, by collecting costume information from the #Halloween tag. Its shows that, at least to Instagram users, ET is still the most popular costume after more than…

Making your own GIFs has never been easier thanks to Boomerang from Instagram (Hands-On Review) 1:17

There's no doubt that GIFS have been a hot find on the internet for quite some time. Join the fun and make your own quick animated photos in seconds with the new app "Boomerang from Instagram".

Prince joins Instagram, instantly proves he’s got a sense of humor

Famed pop singer Prince, who has a well-documented love/hate relationship with the internet and the people who use it, joined Instragram over the weekend, posting 88 photos in three days