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Finally, a camera that won’t let you be an annoying tourist

Enter German designer Philipp Schmitt’s Camera Restricta, the camera that actually prevents the over-zealous tourist from taking too many pictures (or any at all) in crowded, clichéd locations.

These Instagrammers are so good Getty just gave them $10K each

Impressive work by three Instagrammers who use the photo-sharing site to document stories from under-represented communities has led to each of them being awarded a $10,000 grant from Getty Images to help fund future projects.

Look out, Instagram’s big ad push is about to begin

It took three years for Instagram to bring ads to its service, and ever since it's been treading carefully in a bid to keep users onside. With that in mind, we're curious to see how a new ad push, likely to attract many new marketers…
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Instagram can now predict who America’s Next Top Model will be

Have no fear -- Instagram is here! No longer just a platform for making your life look enviable, Instagram is now being used to predict who the next stars of international fashion runways will be.

No more cropping: Instagram now lets you post landscapes and portraits

Wish you didn't have to crop a photo for Instagram? The photo-sharing social network now lets you post photos in landscape or portrait orientations, in addition to the square. It also applies to videos.
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The art of communication in the 21st century — it’s not your grandma’s scene

According to a recent Pew Research study regarding mobile messaging and social media in 2015, both Instagram and Pinterest have seen their user base numbers double in the last three years.
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San Francisco employs ‘Instagram officer’ to help track down criminals

It's well known that police departments have for a long time been using social media sites to help them track down criminals, though recently published court filings in San Francisco reveal that the department there employs its very own…

More Instagram ads on the way after company flips switch on new API

Instagram flipped the switch on its new Ads API this week, making it much easier for businesses to advertise on the service. As a user, you'll likely notice a gradual increase in the number of ads, though Instagram will be careful to keep…

Baby role-play, or virtual kidnapping, is the most disturbing Instagram hashtag ever

In what may be the most disturbing trend to hit social media ever, some parents are discovering that their children have become victims of what is essentially virtual kidnapping, or baby role-play.
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Rich kids flaunt wealth on Instagram and Snapchat, will make your blood boil

Rich kids are taking to social media to rub their parents' wealth in everyone's faces. The "Rich Kids of Instagram" and "Rich Kids of Snapchat" accounts display in-your-face wealth.

3 iPhone apps to help you create incredible Instagram photos 2:37

Everyone can post to Instagram but not everyone tends to post something special. If you're looking to stand out among the crowd these top 3 iOS photo-editing apps will help you create the perfect pic.