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Ultravisual: an Instagram competitor with beauty on its side

Ultravisual is a new social media-sharing app that stands out from other Instagram competitors because of one very simple thing: it's damn good-looking.
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These are the 5 biggest holes in the Instagram for Windows Phone release

Instagram for Windows Phone is finally here ... but a few noteworthy features didn't come along for the ride. After a years-long wait, it's fairly incredible that these five things didn't make the cut - beta or no beta.

Instagram finally arrives for Windows Phone … with half the features missing

Instagram is finally here for Windows Phone owners. Unfortunately, it's still missing some key features, including video, tagging, and the ability to shoot photos through the app.
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Yahoo announces Flickr Photo Books, so you can print more than your Instagrams

Now Instagram images aren't the only photos you can turn into memorabilia; Flickr is now getting the print treatment too. Although, differing from Instagram, is taking a more in-house approach.
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Snapchat users share 400 million images a day, as the app surpasses Facebook photo uploads

People are uploading photos to Snapchat like crazy - even more so than Facebook, and way more frequently than they do on Instagram. It's probably time to assume this isn't just a passing trend.
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YouTuber reveals the motivation and victim reactions behind that Social Media Experiment video

Jack Vale tells us why he made the viral Social Media Experiment YouTube video, as well as the various reactions from his victims - which ranged from confused to outraged.
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Behold! The first feature-length film made with Instagram videos

You think you love Instagram? This filmmaker is creating her entire feature length picture using nothing but the beloved filter app. To say it's time-intensive would be a vast understatement.
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Skedadel lets you discover cool places through Instagram images

A new app using Instagram images and a unique algorithm wants to help you find the best places in the world.
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This video proves we still don’t understand how much we’re sharing on social networks

This video, called Social Media Experiment, makes it all too clear how easy it is for complete strangers to learn a lot of intimate details about you.
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First comes Instagram, then comes love: Why Instagram is displacing dating apps

Instagram is connecting more and more people, bringing them beyond photos and together in real life. It's challenging online dating apps at their own game - so could it beat them at it?
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Sochi Winter Olympic reporters can use Instagram — but video clips are out

The IOC clarified that social media use is allowed for journalists at the 2014 Winter Olympics. While you'll see plenty of Instagram images from the games, video clips will be banned.
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This is the scam 100,000 Instagram users fell for – and how you can avoid it

People really, really want more likes on Instagram -- so much so that they ignored red flags and signed up for a botnet to get them. If you were one of the unlucky souls affected by Instlike, you're going to want to read this.