Unum could be the organized Instagrammer's best friend 8:25

Need more order in your Instagram? Unum is an iOS app for crafting, planning, and scheduling Instagram posts. From the editor to the feed planner, it helps simplify Instagram for the organized personality types.

Snap and edit pictures like a pro with these great Android photo apps

They say the best camera is the one in your pocket. That said, check out a selection of our favorite photo-editing apps for Android, whether you need to crop a photo or outfit it with a old-school filter.
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Snapchat under fire for allegedly copying work of popular makeup artists

Back in May, Snapchat was accused of “whitewashing” selfies in a couple of its filters, leading to much criticism from users. Now, the popular image-sharing app is taking heat once again over its filters for allegedly copying ideas from…
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Instagram is getting instantaneous text translations in its apps

Instagram has announced that users will soon be able to instantaneously translate captions, comments, bios and more within its applications with a tap of a button. The feature is set to be released in July 2016.
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Wunderbar! Instagram is launching a translation feature for its popular app

There are a lot of people on Instagram – 500M at the last count – which means there are also a lot of languages. Mindful of the fact, Instagram says it's about to roll out a new translation feature so we can all understand each other's…

Zuckerberg slammed for putting tape on his webcam, but it's actually not a bad idea

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg covered his laptop's camera with a piece of tape, meaning if hackers compromise his machine they won't be able to watch him. Should you do the same thing? Or is Zuckerberg just being paranoid?

Instagram now has more than half a billion active users

Instagram, the Facebook-owned photo sharing network, has crossed the 500 million active-user threshold. More than 300 people use the service "every day."
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Instagram hits 500 million users, sees 95 million posts per day 2:24

Instagram hits the 500 million user mark, Vine expands video time limits, Apple can find a lot of stuff in your Photos collection.

Lightroom plugin allows for instant upload straight to Instagram

Tired of exporting photos and sending them to your phone before you can share to Instagram? The LR/Instagram plugin just made your day, allowing for instant sharing to multiple Instagram accounts directly from Adobe Lightroom.

Be the designer: Create your own Orlebar Brown swim trunks with Instagram

Orlebar Brown's updated app, #SnapShorts, will let users create their own swim trunks using their Instagram pictures — for a price.
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Likes, comments on Instagram posts have dropped by a third in past 12 months

Instagram might have more users than ever, but a new study shows interactions are down year-over-year. According to social media analytics firm Quintly, more users on the service means more content is fighting for FaceTime.
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#Gunsforsale hashtag results disappear from Instagram following Senate filibuster

Following a Senate filibuster to force a vote on gun control amendments, Instagram noted, “Recent posts from #gunsforsale are currently hidden because the community has reported some content that may not meet Instagram’s community…