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Meet the Romanian teen who built a self-driving car … for $4,000

Intel has made a short film about Lonut Budisteanu, the 19-year-old Romanian teen who built a $4,000 autonomous car. For his work, he won a $75,000 scholarship from Intel.

Will.i.am has made a smartwatch, and it’s going to launch in July

Will.i.am has apparently produced his own smartwatch, and demonstrated the device live on a UK TV chat show over the weekend. The bracelet-like device can make calls, play music, and access several social networks.

Intel vs. AMD: Which brand of CPU should you choose when building a PC?

When it comes to selecting a CPU for your PC, there's no shortage of chips for you to choose from. Here, we explain the basic differences between what AMD and Intel generally offer with their processors.

Where are the affordable Ultrabooks? Ask Intel

When Intel released the first Ultrabooks, it boldly projected that they would eat 40 percent of the market by the end of 2012. At the end of 2013, however, the number was well below that. The massive shortfall is the fault of high pricing, and Intel only has…

Intel forges ahead with wearable tech, acquires Basis smartwatch maker (Updated)

Intel has acquired Basis, makers of the cool B1 health tracking smartwatch, advancing its wearable plans to the next level. Money hasn't been discussed, but earlier rumors put the figure around $100 million.

Small PC Computers bumps up the CPU in the durable iBrick with Haswell chips

This rugged small form factor PC can now be outfitted with Haswell processors. Learn more about Small PC Computers' iBrick rig here.

Intel’s Black Brook reference AIO desktop design looks familiar

Intel unveiled the "Black Brook," an all in one desktop PC that sports a built in battery, and looks awfully familiar. Learn more here.

Intel’s upcoming ‘Devil’s Canyon’ CPUs are built with overclockers in mind

Intel reportedly plans to release a new set of high-end CPUs later this year, including the "Devil's Canyon," a CPU designed specifically to maximize its overclocking potential. Learn more here.

Intel’s new 800Gbps cables push data faster than ever

Intel is leading the charge to make next-generation cables that can handle the ever-increasing power of our most massive computers. Intel will create MXCs, cables that can transmit as much as 800Gbps in and out of a server.

Intel reveals 730 Series SSDs, which start at $249, ship March 18, and look pretty metal

Intel just took the wraps off of some its brand new solid state drives. Read on to learn more about the latest in their high-speed storage offerings here.

Toshiba releases $280 13-inch Intel-powered Chromebook

To this point, Acer, Samsung and Asus have released devices running on Google's Chrome OS. Now, Toshiba has decided to step into the Chromebook ring, launching a model today aimed at those light on cash.

Snag a Chrome-OS-powered Asus Chromebox for $179 this March

Small form factor desktop PCs are all the rage these days it seems. Though they're usually loaded with Windows, Asus' latest actually runs Google's Chrome OS. Read on to learn more here.

GammaTech reveals rugged looking S15H 15.6-inch notebook

Need a notebook that can take a pounding? Say hey to the GammaTech S15H, which is encased in a magnesium alloy shell that aims to let the laptop keep on ticking even if it takes a licking.

Samsung can’t seem to fix Tizen, as first smartphone release reportedly delayed again

It has been a difficult start to 2014 for Tizen, the still missing new operating system from Samsung and Intel. The latest round of bad news indicates Samsung's planned Tizen smartphone has been delayed again.

Rumors of a Nexus 8 tablet are back, and this time it may have an Intel chip inside

Rumors Google will launch a Nexus 8 tablet have reignited this week, with a new report indicating it'll launch mid-year and come with an Intel Bay Trail-T processor inside.

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