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Gole1 Plus is a mini-PC with an Intel Atom processor and 8-inch display

Sometimes a new machine is introduced that you wouldn't have imagined, and it's often more successful than you might have guessed. One such machine is the Gole1 Plus mini PC with an eight-inch screen that can double as a tablet.

Are Sofia and Broxton just the first casualties in an Intel Atom cull?

In the wake of an announcement by Intel that Sofia and Broxton chips are being cancelled, reports are circulating that the company plans to kill off its Atom line of low-cost processors.

Intel needs to kill the Atom before cheap PCs sour users on all PCs

The Atom processor, and it cousins, have made it possible for PCs to hit prices below $200. But doing so results in a frustrating experience that ultimately damages the reputation of every computer.

Intel continues trying to break into mobile with an assault of new Atom processors

Intel announced its new mobile devices portfolio at MWC today as it tries to catch up with market leader, Qualcomm. The new Atom family includes the x3 for the entry-level market, and the x5 and x7 for the mid-range and premium end.

What to expect from Intel, Microsoft, Valve and other PC players at CES 2014

Traditional PCs are no longer the most talked-about topic at the Consumer Electronics Show, but there are a few companies that could make waves in computing at this year show. Here's what to expect.

How Intel’s new Atom chips could finally make fast Windows 8 tablets cheap

The upcoming release of Intel's new Bay Trail based Atom processors will provide PC manufacturers their first opportunity to sell powerful yet affordable tablets and convertibles for less than $600. Some tablets may even hit the market for…

Transformers galore: Asus shows off an armada of convertible tablet-laptops

Asus has announced the Transformer T100, a 10.1-inch, 2-on-1 tablet PC that runs Windows 8.1. Equipped with the latest Intel Atom processor, the T100 offers up to 11 hours of battery, but pricing starts at just $349.

ZTE Grand X2 launches, packs a 2GHz Intel Atom chip

ZTE has announced the Grand X2, a new Android smartphone in its expanding range of Intel-powered devices, and this one packs a 2GHz Z2580 Clover Trail+ processor.

Intel hopes its new Atom will revitalize Windows 8 tablets

Windows 8 tablets can't really be classified a success, partly because Windows RT is a confusing mess and the ARM chip in the Surface is pretty disappointing. However, it's Intel to the rescue as the chip-maker gears up to introduce its…

Price check! Intel says Windows 8 touch products will drop to $200

Intel CEO Paul Otellini says that the price of Windows 8 tablets and touch laptops could drop to as low as $200 thanks to Intel's quad-core Bay Trail chip, which will debut on devices this holiday season.
Android Army

Intel releases ‘optimized’ Android 4.2 release, hinting it will dual-boot with Windows 8

While it's still a pre-alpha build, Intel has released a special Android build for Windows, suggesting that pretty soon there will be tablets that dual-boot Windows alongside an x86 edition of Android

Should you accept Atom in your next PC?

Intel's Atom processor has re-appeared in tablet and convertible PCs. Should you buy a device powered by Atom, or is the chip best left to rest in netbooks?