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Gigabyte planning dual-boot Windows/Android tablets

Hoping for the best of two worlds in one tablet? Gigabyte says its tablet plans include a model that can dual-boot Windows and Android.

Android Army

Nokia N9 to feature Atom processor?

Nokia N9 is expected to showcase the MeeGo mobile platform...but now reports have it packing a version of Intel's Atom processor.


Netbook Sales Finally Tumble Back to Earth, Manufacturers Retreat

A slow in netbook sales has HP and Dell cutting back production on select models.


Apple to End OS X Intel Atom Support to Block Hackintosh Community

Apple moves again to more tightly lock its platform.


MSI Wind U110 Eco Claims 15-hour Battery Life

MSI's new Wind U110 Eco netbook claims to run for up to 15 hours on a single battery least on a 9-cell battery.