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Intel cranks up the pressure, as ZTE and Motorola prepare to release Atom-powered Android smartphones

ZTE has announced the Grand X IN, an Intel Medfield-powered Android phone, while Motorola prepares to join the party in September.
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Meet the Orange San Diego, the UK’s first Intel Medfield-powered Android phone

UK network Orange has launched the San Diego, an Android phone powered by Intel's Medfield Atom processor.
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Intel partners with Google to optimize Android for Intel chips

Intel will attempt to shoulder its way into the cell phone and tablet market by partnering with Google and bringing Android to Intel chips.
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Hands-on with Intel’s line of Atom-based tablets, including the MeeGo WeTab

Intel showed off 10 different devices in New York this week. We went hands-on to check out its obscure lineup of Atom-based tablets.

Intel smartphone push postponed – again

Intel has a strong grip on the PC market, but mobile is another story. The manufacturer says it will continue to focus on this arena.

Cisco Cius Android-powered tablet aims at enterprise

The tablet market may be focused on consumers, but networking giant Cisco wants to bring a high-def, 7-inch tablet to enterprises.
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Gigabyte planning dual-boot Windows/Android tablets

Hoping for the best of two worlds in one tablet? Gigabyte says its tablet plans include a model that can dual-boot Windows and Android.

Nokia N9 to feature Atom processor?

Nokia N9 is expected to showcase the MeeGo mobile platform...but now reports have it packing a version of Intel's Atom processor.

Netbook Sales Finally Tumble Back to Earth, Manufacturers Retreat

A slow in netbook sales has HP and Dell cutting back production on select models.

Apple to End OS X Intel Atom Support to Block Hackintosh Community

Apple moves again to more tightly lock its platform.

MSI Wind U110 Eco Claims 15-hour Battery Life

MSI's new Wind U110 Eco netbook claims to run for up to 15 hours on a single battery least on a 9-cell battery.