Leaked Intel processor roadmap reveals ‘Cannon Lake’ firing in late 2017

A leaked Intel roadmap reveals that its "Cannon Lake" processors are scheduled to arrive this time next year, and eventually joined by the company's "Coffee Lake" processors. This latter group will include a six-core variant slated for…

How to overclock your CPU without setting your computer on fire

Is your PC just chugging along, a little slower than you'd like? Sometimes you just need a little more power under the hood. Before you pick up some new hardware, maybe you should consider overclocking your processor. Here's how to properly…

Intel is working on a permanent fix for a recent True Key bug

Intel Security’s True Key experienced an outage in late August thanks to a failed network component upgrade, which left users unable to use the password manager. Intel is now working on a permanent fix for the problem.

Intel is in style during New York Fashion Week, helps shoot the runway in VR

Intel hardware is currently powering the virtual reality broadcast of several New York Fashion Week runway shows. Intel-powered gadgets are on display, too, including a connected bracelet, handbag, and pair of shoes.
Virtual Reality

Intel's Project Alloy comes in white or black, according to Intel imagery

Intel's Project Alloy may not be set to be released until some time in late 2017, but we now have our first look at it thanks to some renders released by Intel. We can see its button layout, and that it comes with a couple of USB…

Intel breaks out cybersecurity division McAfee as an independent company

Intel is selling its majority stake in cybersecurity company McAfee, which will now operate independently of the chipmaker and is valued at $4.2 billion. Intel is retaining a 49 percent stake in the company.

Intel, North Carolina State researchers develop chip that boosts performance

As the number of cores and threads of chips increase, the bottlenecks between them can cause real slowdowns, so Intel and North Carolina State University have developed a new design with a hardware bridge between them.

Intel's latest acquisition demonstrates its commitment to computer vision tech

Intel has announced its intention to acquire Movidius, a California-based company best known for helping devices like DJI's Phantom 4 drone and Google's Project Tango smartphones "see" their surroundings.

Was Intel’s decision to (almost) kill Core M deceptive, or was it inevitable?

Intel has decided to remove most of the Core M brand of its 7th-generation processor line. Some have accused the company of creating confusion in the process - but perhaps Core M's days were numbered.

AMD’s latest deal with GlobalFoundries could help close the gap with Intel

AMD has just restructured its wafer supply agreement with fabricator GlobalFoundries, into a five-year contract with some interesting stipulations. It appears AMD might hit a 7nm node before Intel.

Intel's new "Apollo Lake" processors up the ante for affordable laptops

In addition to officially announcing Kaby Lake, Intel has introduced six affordable "Apollo Lake" CPUs for low-end notebooks and all-in-one desktops. The new family consists of three desktop processors and three mobile processors.

Close to the Metal Ep. 10: Another year, another Intel generation

Intel's newest processor generation, Kaby Lake, is finally here, with improvements to 4K video playback and efficiency, but is it hiding a dark secret?