Intel bets on drone development with $60m investment in Yuneec

After failing to show up at the smartphone party, Intel is determined to make the most of other emerging technologies. As it gets increasingly involved in wearables, the company has also decided to bet big on drones, investing $60m in Chinese firm Yuneec.

Cool Tech

Skylake release to see Dell XPS 13 and Asus ZenBooks updated

If you're in the market for a new laptop, hold fire for a few more months as Intel's Skylake isn't far away and every man and his dog is set to refresh their ranges, starting it seems, with Asus and Dell, which already have listings up with some retailers.


Cancer, Intel is coming for you with the Collaborative Cancer Cloud

Intel recently unveiled more details about its plan to fight cancer by way of the Collaborative Cancer Cloud, which would connect Oregon Health & Science University (OHSU) to institutions in Boston, as well as in Austin, Texas.

Cool Tech

Intel unveils ultra-small 5×5 board at IDF 2015

Intel seems to be targeting the new wave of ultra-small devices with the 5x5, a diminutive board that has the specifications and the size to offer new opportunities to manufacturers.


Intel shows us its vision for 2-in-1 ultrabooks in the future

Intel is showing off its interesting 2-in-1 computer design that includes an E-Ink display on the back of the screen.


Intel supports AMD in surprise adaptive-sync endorsement

A key Intel employee has hinted that Intel may begin supporting DisplayPort Adaptive Sync, the standard that also powers AMD's FreeSync. This could lead to better standardization of frame synchronization throughout computing.


Intel offers new Skylake details at IDF15

As part of the Intel Developer Forum, new details on the capabilities of Skylake are making the rounds — but we're still waiting on firm details regarding pricing and availability.


Intel brings RealSense 3D image sensing to Project Tango

A new partnership between Google and Intel will infuse Google's 3D-mapping initiative, Project Tango, with Intel's RealSense 3D camera. The combination will be available to developers later this year so they can start building with the new tech.


Fossil unveils its first Android Wear watch with Intel inside and a flat-tire display

The first traditional watchmaker has jumped into the smartwatch game. Fossil introduced an Android Wear smartwatch today at the Intel Developer Conference that looks like a cross between a Moto 360 and the Watch Urbane.


Razer and Intel are working together on a RealSense-enabled 3D camera

Razer and Intel are collaborating on a 3D-sensing camera for consumer-end VR and gaming computers.. The device should make it possible to dodge enemy attacks in a fighting game by physically moving around.


Intel announces Optane hard drives powered by 3D XPoint technology

3D XPoint will be coming to a drive near you in 2016, according to Intel's IDF San Francisco keynote. The drives will be sold under a new Optane brand to enterprise and consumer markets.


The Core i7-6700K restores faith in Intel processor overclocking

Intel’s new Core i7-6700K is a new architecture, and it’s unlocked so enthusiasts can increase its clock speed. The result is a processor that’s surprisingly easy to tune.


ComputerStick’s IndieGoGo is built on faked video and questionable claims

A recently posted IndieGoGo campaign for the ComputerStick seems to show an innovative and powerful mini-PC, but it's in fact just an Intel Compute Stick re-branded with deceptive marketing.


Leaked slides show Intel’s upcoming Skylake notebook chips

A set of leaked slides seem to show Intel's upcoming mobile CPU lineup. It predictably includes several dual-cores, most of which have Hyper-Threading. The chips will likely debut no later than September.


Stagnant? Nah. PCs are improving faster than you thought

Today's software often doesn't need a powerful PC to run smoothly, but that doesn't mean progress is slowing. In fact, the home PC is quicker than ever, and easily puts every other consumer electronics device to shame.