10 top designers integrate Intel Curie chips into high fashion

Intel has partnered with the CFDA/Vogue Fashion Fund (CVFF) and challenged 10 burgeoning designers to integrate Intel Curie chips into an article of clothing in an inspirational way.

Researchers: Intel CPUs are inherently flawed and open to a specific attack

A recent paper published by researchers at the State University of New York at Binghamton alleges that certain Intel processors are flawed, and open to an attack that exploits a feature of modern operating systems.

Intel, Micron to bring 3D XPoint Optane drives to consumer PCs by end of 2016

Intel and Micron are expected to make 16GB and 32GB 3D XPoint Optane drives available to consumers by the end of 2016. The new technology promises significant performance and endurance gains.

Oakley and Intel’s Radar Pace offers a fresh take on tech eyewear

Released last week, the Radar Pace, using smart technology and an app, collects and analyzes personal performance data and delivers real-time feedback, instruction, and motivation based on performance.

Atom-powered mini PC bosts a rubbery keyboard, built-in touchpad

Vensmile is now taking pre-orders for a new miniature PC with a built-in bendable keyboard and touchpad. It's powered by an Intel "Cherry Trail" Atom processor, the same one that's packed in the upcoming Asus Transformer Mini 2-in-1 PC.

Intel says its 600p solid-state drives live a good, long life

Intel has updated the endurance ratings on its 600p series of entry-level SSDs, making them a good option for anyone looking for a low-cost SSD with decent performance for the price.

Close to the Metal Ep. 15: 7th-Gen Intel Core and holiday laptops 32:28

Intel's 7th-gen Core processors are now appearing in laptops available online and in stores. How important is it to get the latest tech, and should you skip on laptops with older hardware?

Biostar races into the miniature PC market with its Intel Atom-driven Racing P1

After introducing the device in June, Biostar is now shipping its Atom-powered Racing P1 miniature PC. It packs a glowing logo, 4GB of system memory, 64GB of internal storage, and more. The device does not come with an operating system.

Lenovo Yoga 910, available for order in the U.S., features FIDO authentication

Lenovo said that upcoming laptops sporting fingerprint scanners from Synaptics will support the FIDO specification to prevent users from entering passwords. FIDO is supported by a number of online services such as PayPal and Bank of…

Leaked Intel processor roadmap reveals ‘Cannon Lake’ firing in late 2017

A leaked Intel roadmap reveals that its "Cannon Lake" processors are scheduled to arrive this time next year, and eventually joined by the company's "Coffee Lake" processors. This latter group will include a six-core variant slated for…

How to overclock your CPU without setting your computer on fire

Is your PC just chugging along, a little slower than you'd like? Sometimes you just need a little more power under the hood. Before you pick up some new hardware, maybe you should consider overclocking your processor. Here's how to properly…

Intel is working on a permanent fix for a recent True Key bug

Intel Security’s True Key experienced an outage in late August thanks to a failed network component upgrade, which left users unable to use the password manager. Intel is now working on a permanent fix for the problem.