Fossil's big, bold Q Founder smartwatch is yours today for $295

Fossil has put the Q Founder, its first Android Wear smartwatch, on sale. The watch costs $295 in the U.S., and has a traditional style to it, along with comprehensive fitness tracking and other fun features.

Intel's 10-core monster planned for Q2 2016 debut, according to new leak

If a leaked roadmap from Intel is accurate, Broadwell-E CPUs will be available in the early summer of 2016, with the Kaby Lake and Apollo Lake SoC coming later in the year.

Knights Landing to bring 72 compute cores to workstations next year

Intel's new Knights Landing is a super-computing component that's being brought to workstations in 2016. It provides an incredible 72 cores combined with 15GB of on-board MCDRAM.

China still has the fastest supercomputer, and now has more than 100 in service

The Top 500 rankings are a fun way to gauge which countries boast the most powerful rigs in the world. While the U.S. still has the most supercomputers in service, China's TIanhe-2 remains the fastest in the world.

Skylake successor Kaby Lake detailed in leaked Intel slides

Although Skylake did not exactly blow the doors off of the CPU industry, it provided a reasonable bump in all the right places. Kaby Lake looks to do the same while adding native support for USB 3.1 and expanding PCIe support.

Intel’s Speed Shift cranks extra performance out of its 6th-generation Core

Intel claims that Speed Shift can improve performance state transitions thirty-fold, but does that claim hold up? Third-party tests have found it does, reducing touch latency by up to 72 percent.

Intel’s tiny NUC updated with the latest 6th-generation Core processors

Intel is looking to proliferate its new Skylake CPUs in just about every piece of hardware it offers, including its NUC micro-PCs. It's now debuted four new designs, each sporting Skylake hardware, M.2 storage and DDR4 memory.

Eight cores not enough? Intel may be working on a 10-core monster for you

With Skylake churning its way towards success, it only makes sense that Intel would follow it up with something equally splashy. Could it be a ten-core CPU?

Intel’s Haswell Core i7 chips include Just Cause 3 and CS:GO for a limited time

If you're thinking of upgrading your CPU, Intel is offering Just Cause 3, CS:GO, and in-game credit for World of Warships with Haswell Core i7 chips. They're still fairly expensive, but this deal takes a bit of the hurt off.

FreedomPop's releasing a phone that ignores cellular connectivity, and favors Wi-Fi

Mobile network FreedomPop will launch a Wi-Fi smartphone next year, that shuns network connectivity in favor of Wi-Fi networks to provide calls, messages, and data. Here's everything you need to know about it.

Fossil’s Q Founder runs Android Wear, but its other new wearables are fitness trackers

American watchmaker Fossil has announced four wearables earlier today, including two fitness trackers for men and women, a wearable watch and an Android Wear smartwatch, all running on Intel technology.

Intel set to retool Chinese facility to build 3D NAND, XPoint chips 3:07

Intel may be fracturing its relationship with Micron, as it looks set to start producing its own memory by retooling its Dalian, China manufacturing facility. There it will produce chips for new 3D NAND and 3D Xpoint drives.