Broadwell-E processor performance gains may be higher than anticipated

Intel's Broadwell-E Core i7-6850K is capable of achieving a 10 percent higher score than its Haswell-E equivalent, clock for clock. While this is in Cinebench's multithreaded test only, with other benchmarks not showing as much, it's still…

Intel outs three new processors with ‘Crystal Well’ integrated graphics, eDRAM

Three new processors have shown up on Intel's price sheet that feature "Crystal Well" integrated graphics, eDRAM cache, and support for DDR4 memory. These chips are meant for Intel partners, so expect to see solutions using these CPUs in…

Are Sofia and Broxton just the first casualties in an Intel Atom cull?

In the wake of an announcement by Intel that Sofia and Broxton chips are being cancelled, reports are circulating that the company plans to kill off its Atom line of low-cost processors.

Intel wants USB Type-C to replace your headphone jack

USB replaced all sorts of dedicated ports in the 90s. Could USB type-C eventually replace the audio port? Intel thinks so, and is working on a standard. The change could make headphones digital.

Intel execs receive threats from employees in response to diversity efforts

If you were looking for proof of tech's diversity problem, consider your search ended -- according to the CEO of Intel, the primary opposition to the company's latest diversity and inclusion efforts have come from within the organization.
Virtual Reality

Zotac teases tether-free VR gaming using a Zbox mini-PC stuffed into a backpack

A new video released by Zotac teases tether-free VR gaming using a Zbox stuffed into a backpack and the HTC Vive. Zotac doesn't show the battery it uses in the mobile setup, but it's likely relying on the upcoming EN980 Zbox…

Maingear’s Pulse 15 Pro makes working on-the-go easier, packs performance in small size

Maingear has introduced the Pulse 15 Pro, a new mobile workstation based on Intel processors and Nvidia's Quadro M2000 GPU. It measures just 0.75-inches thick and weighs just 4 pounds, in spite of its advanced hardware.

Intel shows 3D XPoint drives copying a file at nearly 2GB per second

During the Intel Developer Forum, Rob Crooke demonstrated two 3D XPoint-based Optane SSDs transferring a large file at nearly 2GB per second. Intel has hinted the final version of 3D XPoint could be even quicker.

Intel shamelessly enticing OEMs to use upcoming ‘Apollo Lake’ CPUs during IDF 2016

This week during the Intel Developer Forum in China, Intel is pushing OEMs to use the upcoming "Apollo Lake" family of CPUs in Cloudbooks. The company is providing a reference design that includes the suggested chip and a touch-based…

Intel says that ‘Apollo Lake’ processors will ship in the second half of 2016

Intel's Navin Shenoy said during his Intel Developer Forum keynote that "Apollo Lake" processors will arrive in the second half of 2016. These chips will replace current Pentium and Celeron chips, and the Atom X5 series processors.

Intel is now selling its 540s budget SSDs, here's what they'll cost

Offering read speeds of 560 megabytes per second and capacities up to 1TB, Intel's 540s line of budget solid state drives target users who haven't upgraded to an SSD yet.

For $250, you can start building robots and drones using Intel's RealSense Robotic dev kit

Featuring an R200 RealSense Camera and a Raspberry Pi-esque computer-on-a-chip, Intel's Robotic Development Kit could make for an affordable solution if you've ever wanted to make your own Droids.