Intel serves up affordable new SSDs with stacked 3D NAND storage

Intel has dished out a new series of SSDs based on 3D NAND Flash technology. These SSDs are now offered in the consumer, business, data center, and IoT markets, with prices starting at $70.

Super-thin laptops based on Intel’s “Apollo Lake” CPUs may ditch replaceable RAM

To provide an even thinner form factor, OEM's using Intel's new "Apollo Lake" Atom processors may go with soldered memory in upcoming laptops. That will lock users out of future upgrades.

Speedy new Intel Atom processors might not not be used in consumer devices

Intel recently revealed the availability of its Joule dev kits that are packed with speedy new Atom "Broxton-M" processors. These chips may not be used in consumer devices despite the upgrades they provide over the previous generation.

Intel wants Windows 10 tablets to be just as thin as the iPad Pro

Intel wants to see thinner tablets, and is offering a variety of tips to OEMs for getting the job done. Expect to see more soldered cards in the future, and for USB type-C to replace the traditional USB type-A form factor.

Close to the Metal Ep. 8: Intel joins the VR revolution 31:22

Intel's Developer Forum in San Francisco is the company's most important yearly event. This year, virtual reality has proven the focus, thanks to the announcement of a revolutionary VR headset. Can it change VR? And what is…

Intel won't lead the VR revolution, but it will power those who do

Intel is a driving force behind many PC standards that users enjoy every day, like USB and Thunderbolt. Now, the company seems to be getting into virtual reality, and its presence may establish tech we'll use for years, even decades, to…

Intel Custom Foundry to make 10nm mobile processors using off-the-shelf core tech

Intel said its Intel Custom Foundry will produce mobile processors based on 10nm process technology that will use ARM's off-the-shelf core technology. Mobile chip designers using customized ARM core tech may not be able to use Intel's…

Intel Knowledge Builder toolkit to speed development of Curie-based apps

During the IDF 2016 keynote on Tuesday, Intel CEO Brian Krzanich revealed Knowledge Builder, a Curie module toolkit promising to reduce development time. It's only available to "select customers" until sometime in Q1 2017.

Intel’s Joule is a maker platform so small it can be installed in safety glasses

Intel has announced Joule, its latest maker platform. Joule was fitted on a pair of glasses, and was shown verifying bolt sizes in realtime during the keynote speech at the 2016 Intel Developer Forum in San Francisco.
Virtual Reality

Look ma, no wires! Intel's Project Alloy gives VR full freedom of movement

During IDF 2016 on Tuesday, Intel revealed Project Alloy, its attempt at merging virtual reality with the real world. The system is totally self-contained, relying on a built-in Intel computer, a built-in battery, and RealSense sensors.

Intel shows off video capability of 7th-gen Core, plays ‘Overwatch’ on stage

The next generation of Intel Core processors can handle 4K video without difficulty, Intel claimed at their Developer Forum in San Francisco today. The keynote also showed Intel's on-board graphics running Blizzard's "Overwatch" smoothly.
Cool Tech

Researchers develop always-on camera that only responds to certain gestures

Smartphone, smartwatch and now smart camera? A group from Georgia Tech is developing a camera that responds to certain gestures. The switch could allow for solar motion detection cameras that never need a new battery.