Internet Explorer

Microsoft patches up major flaw in Internet Explorer

If your'e a regular Internet Explorer user, you'll want to make sure that your browser is up to date, as Microsoft has just released a new patch for its ageing browser that affects all versions across many operating systems.

Want some Internet in your Windows 10 Start Menu? Here’s how to pin your favorite websites

Would you like to pin website bookmarks to the Start Menu or Task Bar in Windows 10, in order to use browser links like apps? It's not as easy as it should be, especially if you want to use Chrome or Firefox, but we'll tell you how.

Microsoft won’t include support for Silverlight in Windows 10 Edge browser

Unlikely to impact the majority of streaming media consumers, Microsoft's video streaming standard Silverlight will not be supported in the upcoming Microsoft Edge Web browser that's shipping with Windows 10.

Microsoft divulges details on what’s being dropped from Edge’s new rendering engine

Microsoft has followed up one of its original posts on the Edge browsers by giving intricate details of the many different APIs and scripting languages that will be left behind from the days of Internet Explorer.

Microsoft shows how it will Edge out competing browsers

At Microsoft's web-only Edge Summit, the company unveiled several new additions and features for its upcoming browser which should help tempt developers into building with the browser in mind.

Microsoft puts ‘Patch Tuesday’ out to pasture, promises quicker security updates

Microsoft used the stage at its Ignite conference to announce that as of the Windows 10 release, the much-maligned Patch Tuesday will become a thing of the past.

Rags to riches to rags: The rise and fall of Internet Explorer

Over the past twenty years, Internet Explorer has reach a level of infamy that few other programs can claim, but there was once a time when Microsoft's browser dominated the competition for good reason.

Project Spartan now available in the Windows 10 Technical Preview

The hotly anticipated replacement to Internet Explorer, Project Spartan, has finally landed in Windows 10 Technical Preview build 10049. Microsoft has also used the new build to fix several minor bugs.

Project Spartan browser will completely ditch Internet Explorer’s code

Microsoft has announced that contrary to earlier reports, Project Spartan will not include code from Internet Explorer, and will not support a legacy mode for built-in IE compatibility.

Microsoft loops Adobe into Spartan browser project

Microsoft has now included Adobe in its Spartan project, dedicated to developing a new Web browser for Windows 10. An official blog post from Microsoft indicates this is just the beginning of the collaboration.

Microsoft to axe Internet Explorer

The negative image associated with the Internet Explorer name seemingly can't be undone, and now Microsoft has decided to call it quits for the brand. A renamed Project Spartan will be the default Windows 10 browser.

Performing better at work? You’re probably using Chrome or Firefox

According to a new study, employees who use non-default browsers stay longer and perform better at work. Apparently, those who choose third-party browsers are researchers who are better informed.