iOS 5

Apple: 4 million iPhone 4S units sold in first three days

Apple boasts 4 million iPhone 4S units sold during opening weekend, 25 million iOS 5 users, 20 million sign up for iCloud.

iPhone 4S activation proves to be difficult for AT&T

With each release of a new Apple iPhone, AT&T has continually struggled over the years to keep up with the sheer amount of activations on launch day.

Our favorite hidden features of iOS 5

After you've gotten through the iOS 5 update, check out these under-the-hood features Apple packed into the upgrade.

Hands-on with iOS 5

Apple's new iOS 5 is here. We've gone through all the major features of the new mobile operating system so you can know what wins and what to look out for before you get started.

The iPhone 4S gets torn apart for the world to enjoy

The people over at iFixit have managed to tear apart another new gadget even before it has become available to the general public. This time the victim is none other than the Apple iPhone 4S, and even though there aren't many surprises we…
Android Army

Speaktoit: The Android answer to Siri

Don't want an iPhone but wish you had a virtual assistant? Speaktoit might not have quite the momentum Siri does, but it's one of your best Android options.

Foursquare wraps new Radar feature around iOS 5

Foursquare ups the iOS 5 ante with a new feature called Radar, which uses Apple's technology to put your location lists to use.

Lost your apps with iOS 5 update? Don’t worry, iCloud has you covered

If your apps disappeared after updating to iOS 5, you can re-download them easily with the help of iCloud.Here's how to do it.

Apple TV 4.4 update brings AirPlay mirroring, NHL and Photo Stream

With iOS 5 receiving the vast majority of attention from legions of excited Apple fanatics, Apple slipped in a content-filled update to the Apple TV with little fanfare.

Error: What to do if your iOS 5 update doesn’t work

A large number of people have had problems updating to iOS 5. Here are some possible ways to fix the problem.

iCloud explained: Things to consider before embracing the cloud

Apple's iCloud service is launching: what does it do, who can use it...and what should you watch out for?

Free texting apps hurt carriers’ bottom line

This just in: People would rather send each other messages for free than pay exorbitant prices for SMS messaging plans, and wireless carriers are beginning to feel the heat.