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Apple, and/or Samsung, to launch Retina tablet in February: rumors

Rumor has it that Apple and Samsung both have tablets with double the resolution of their predecessors set to launch in February.

Apple iPhone 5, iPad 3 revealed in iOS 5.1 beta

Embedded in iOS 5.1 beta is evidence of the fabled iPhone 5 and three iPad 3 models.

Will iPad 3 and iPhone 5 be bigger than previous models?

Next models of iPad and iPhone could get a boost in size to go along with improved specs.

Rumor: Apple cutting iPad 2 parts orders, beginning iPad 3 orders

New report has Apple looking ahead to iPad 3 with parts orders while reducing focus on iPad 2 production.

Rumors: Apple to revamp all product lines in 2012, new iPad on the way

Rumor has it that Apple plans to overhaul it's entire product portfolio next year. And some say an upgraded iPad 2 could arrive as early as this year, and the full iPad 3 sometime in 2012 — a rumor we find hard to believe.

Could Apple really be starting production on the iPad 3?

The latest Apple rumor is focused on the iPad 3 being prepped for production almost six months before it is expected to be released.

12 Billion dollar Foxconn factory in Brazil is in doubt

Foxconn's planned 12 billion dollar Brazilian iPad factory is now in doubt due to the company's negotiations with the country stalling.

Is Apple cutting iPad production to prep for iPad 3 launch?

A new report indicates that Apple is slashing iPad production orders ahead of the iPad 3's arrival.

Apple’s in no hurry to release iPad 3, says industry analyst

With no competition in the tablet world, Apple's unlikely to release the iPad 3 until 2012, reports J.P. Morgan analyst.

Apple to release iPad 3 in early 2012 with Retina display, reports WSJ

Apple's rumored iPad 3 will come loaded with an ultra-high-resolution Retina display, and hit stores in early 2012, according to the Wall Street Journal.

Fall release of iPad 3 canceled due to Retina display issues

Plans to release the iPad 3 in the fall appear to have been shelved as Apple deals with issues relating to its Retina display technology. The launch of a high-resolution iPad 3 in 2012 is now thought likely.

Samsung makes a quarter of the parts in the iPhone 4: Infographic

As the fight between Apple and Samsung intensifies, the Economist takes a look at which parts Samsung supplies for the iPhone 4 in this handy infographic.