Busted! Smugglers caught in Argentina with $1 million in Apple products and other devcies

Around 260 iPhones, 10 iPads, and 60 Macbooks were found amidst a 500 unit treasure trove of smuggled Apple products this week. The smugglers were detained the main international Argentine airpot in Buenos Aires


DT Daily: Apple to debut a giant iPad?

Today on DT Daily: Verizon snaps up AOL, Netflix’s CEO predicts the future of TV and the latest rumors about Apple’s jumbo-sized iPad

DT Daily

Apple and IBM team up to deliver 5 million iPads to Japanese seniors

Apple and IBM, along with Japan Post, announced a new initiative that will see Japanese seniors receiving 5 million iPads in the second half of 2015. The program will initially launch in Japan.


iPad prototype stolen from an Apple employee looking for love

This week a young man in his 20's working for Apple and living in Curpertino fell victim to a robbery that included a "test model iPad"


Tech fail! Pilots iPad crash delays two dozen American Airlines flights

A dozen American Airlines flights were delayed by software bug on several pilots' iPads. The airline informed passengers of the issue. A few years ago, the airline replaced the pilots' heavy cockpit bags with iPads.


Security researchers reveal a flaw that crashes iPhones and iPads over Wi-Fi

A vulnerability disclosed by security researchers could lead iOS devices to endlessly reboot. The method involves exploiting flaws in iOS 8's handling of SSL certificates and public Wi-Fi.


Vengeful girlfriend sends cheating ex’s Apple devices to a watery grave

An unnamed Japanese woman found out that her boyfriend was cheating on her. Her specified method of revenge? Throw all of his Apple products into a bath and watch it all die. Unsurprisingly, many approved of her methods.


Schools demand huge refund from Apple for educational iPads deemed unusable

The Los Angeles Unified School District is not pleased with Apple after a botched initiative to equip every student with an iPad. The schools want a refund for the devices which were part of a failed $1.3 billion dollar program.


An old iPad 4 sold for $30,500 because of the Pope

An Apple iPad tablet which once belonged to Pope Francis has sold for more than $30,000 at an auction to an anonymous buyer. The proceeds will go to a school for the poor in Uruguay.


136 of the very best iPad Apps (Updated for April)

We've completely overhauled our iPad apps list. Here are more than 100 of the best apps available in the iTunes App Store and beyond. We've got apps in every category, organized so you can find what you want fast and easy.


Adonit Forge isn’t for drawing pictures, it’s for building ideas

Adonit's first drawing app, Forge, aims to help designers filter through ideas and find their next project. We spoke with the app's creator and an animator who uses it regularly, before we tested it out ourselves.


With iOS 8.3 you can customize your emoji and enjoy a faster iPhone

Apple's officially released iOS 8.3, and it brings performance enhancements, new emoji, expanded CarPlay functionality, new emoji, and a bevy of bug fixes. The update is available in an over-the-air update.


Grab your popcorn: Netflix-style torrent app Popcorn Time is now on iOS

Popcorn Time, the controversial Netflix-style streaming service, has just come out with an app for non-jailbroken iOS devices. The group also announced plans to open a sort of underground app store.


What’s that slot in the picture frame for? You put your iPad in there, of course

Do you have an old, unused iPad lying around? The iSotta Frame lets you slide in any iPad to convert it from an analog photo frame into a digital one. The frame, now on Kickstarter, comes in various materials and colors.


Drexel University unveils first ever vending machine for iPads

You see vending machines for all sorts of things these days, but Drexel University's new one for iPads is surely a first. The tablets can be borrowed by students and local residents for up to four hours at a time without charge, the university said this week.