New Apple patent describes an iPad Smart Cover with a flexible screen

Apple is granted new patents every day, but this one's fascinating: an iPad Smart Cover with a bendable display that accepts stylus input. It could be used for note-taking and doodling, according to the patent.

Get amped! The Ampple protective case triples your iPad’s volume

If you take your iPad out a lot and struggle to get a decent volume, Ampple may be for you. Ampple is a case for your iPad that has built-in speakers, offering as much as three times the volume of the standard iPad speakers.

17 best keyboards for every iPad from the Mini to the Pro

Whether you're looking to replace your laptop with a tablet or merely want to increase your typing speed, a physical Bluetooth keyboard is the perfect companion to the Apple iPad. Check out our top picks for every iPad model.

10 best iPad Pro games to make the most of your big screen tablet

Have you just bought a new 9.7-inch iPad Pro, or are enjoying the larger 12.9-inch version? Then don't make it all about work with our line-up of cool games that make the most of that big, beautiful display. Here's 10 to get you started.

DoBox could inexpensively replace most of your Apple peripherals, if it works as advertised

From English startup This is DoBox, DoBox is a small, inexpensive device that's proposing an onslaught on an extensive list of different proprietary Apple devices, from AirPort to Apple TV.

Buy an Apple, Samsung, or LG phone at T-Mobile and get up to 50 percent off a tablet

If you're looking to get a new tablet with cellular data, you might want to check out T-Mobile. If you purchase an Apple, Samsung, or LG phone, you can also grab a tablet of the same brand for 50 percent off or a $200 discount.

Go from the tabletop to tablet with these 10 board games

It seems like everyone loves board games these days, but what if you want to play them on the go? Check out a few of our current favorites, whether you prefer to battle one-on-one or work together as a team.

Which iPad Pro should you buy? 12.9-inch iPad Pro vs. 9.7-inch iPad Pro

The iPad Pro now comes in two sizes, but how does the new 9.7-inch model stack up against the original in terms of hardware and performance? Check out our comprehensive spec comparison for a closer look at all the details.

Spec showdown: iPad Pro vs. Surface Pro 3

Apple is ready for the iPad to compete with Microsoft's Surface line. Does the iPad Pro bring the hardware needed to compete, or is the Surface Pro still the tablet of choice for those who need a serious mobile machine?

Shocker: Reading an iPad before bed affects your quality of sleep

In news that should surprise no one, science has now definitively determined that reading from a tablet before your bedtime affects your sleep quality. So if you're having trouble sleeping, consider putting all those electronics away.

Imgur gets a dedicated iPad app

You can now browse cat pictures and GIFs in a dedicated iPad app. The iPhone app also now has support for 3D Touch and Spotlight Search, and the Android app follows Material Design guidelines.