How to take a screenshot on an iPad

The ability to capture screenshots may not be the most glamorous feature for iPad, but it's one of the most useful. Check out our brief guide for all the details, whether you want to share images with tech support or with your friends.

Mozilla’s changed its mind, confirms work on Firefox for iPhone and iPad

Mozilla's Firefox Web browser is coming to iOS in the near future. Mozilla executives confirmed its working on a version of Firefox for iOS users, after months of refusing to do so.

Chromebooks outsell iPads – in education, at least

New data from IDC suggests that Google's Chromebooks have found a footing in education. Systems based on Chrome OS outsold the iPad by over 10,000 units last quarter, reaching 25% of the education market.

iPhone 6 denting iPad usage, data shows

Data from read-it-later app Pocket appears to show that iPad owners who upgraded from an iPhone 5/5S to one of Apple's iPhone 6 handsets are ignoring their tablets, with the phones' larger displays apparently meeting users' requirements for…

Apple may ditch iPad Mini to focus on iPad Pro, report claims

With sales of Apple's tablets falling for the third straight quarter, you can bet it's been taking a close look at how to deal with the drop. In fact, the tech firm is reportedly looking at the idea of ditching the Mini to focus on the…

No worries: Apple boss describes iPad sales slump as a ‘speed bump’

Apple's iPad may be experiencing a sales slump, but boss Tim Cook doesn't seem too worried, describing the drop in sales for the third consecutive quarter as a mere "speed bump."

Yahoo finally rolls out Flickr for iPad

Yahoo has just launched an iPad-optimized version of Flickr, offering photography enthusiasts with an Apple tablet a richer, smoother experience than the mobile site that went before.

Apple’s new iPads let you switch LTE networks without changing your SIM card

Apple's new iPad Air 2 will have an Apple SIM card that lets users switch between LTE networks with the tap of a finger. No more changing SIM cards!

Apple’s iPad Air 2 gets thinner, faster, adds Touch ID and new camera features

Apple's back with new iPad tablets, just weeks after launching the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus.

Reddit acquires Alien Blue, relaunches iOS app with free upgrade

Ideal for any Apple user that spends tons of time browsing Reddit everyday, the Web company has purchased popular browsing app Alien Blue and relaunched the application on the App Store this week.

Report: Apple Pay will launch on October 20

Interesting for anyone that's recently upgraded to the new iPhone, the Apple Pay payments program is expected to launch next week according to an internal memo distributed by Panera Bread management.

Macs and iPads: What to expect from Apple’s keynote this Thursday

With Apple's keynote looming over the industry, we take a look at everything we expect to happen, and not happen, this Thursday. Rumors include updated iPads, iMacs, and the Mac Mini, as well as more info on OS X Yosemite.