Here are 8 keyboard cases to pick up with your iPad Pro

The iPad Pro may still be a month away from release, but that doesn't mean you can't pick a case in the meantime. Here are our favorite, upcoming keyboard cases for the iPad Pro, whether you're looking for sleek protection or streamlined…

Apple enables ‘app slicing’ so apps take up less space on your iOS device

Apple says it's enabled app slicing for iOS, which tailors software delivery according to a user's specific device. The space-saving feature should prove particularly useful for anyone with a 16GB iDevice where storage space is more…

No, the iPad Pro can’t replace your computer. Here’s why 2:59

When Steve Jobs announced the original iPad back in 2010, he insisted it would become a "third-category device" accompanying your phone and laptop. Now Apple wants to replace your laptop with the iPad Pro, but can it actually…

Everything you need to know about the new features, updates, and apps inside Apple’s iOS 9

Apple will release iOS 9, the next version of its mobile operating system, on September 16. It has revealed the all the details about the new features it will contain, including how it will work with 3D Touch. Here's what you need to know.

Apple’s iOS 9 update surpassed iOS 8 adoption in five days

iOS 9's adoption rate has increased from iOS 8, according to new data. After five days, the new OS surpassed the growth rate of its predecessor.
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Apple event, Canon 250-megapixel sensor: DT Daily: 1:19

Apple unveils a whole bunch of new gear today, Canon has built a 250-megapixel sensor that can see a lot of stuff all at once.

The iPad Pro is official, and so is the new Apple Pencil stylus and keyboard

Reports say Apple planned to mass produce a large screen iPad in late 2014, but considerable iPhone 6 demand has reportedly delayed the launch. It's unknown when it will make its debut, but that doesn't stop the rumors flowing.

Apple could sneak in a few surprises for the Apple Watch and iPad during Sept. 9 event

Alongside new iPhones and iPads, Apple could announce a cheaper version of the gold Apple Watch and a keyboard for the iPad next Wednesday during the company's event. In addition, Apple could announce more materials for the Apple Watch.

Apple joins forces with Cisco to make iOS easier to use on enterprise networks

Apple has announced a partnership with networking equipment provider Cisco to create a "fast lane" for iOS devices in enterprise environments. The deal extends to iPhones and iPads.

Is Apple plotting a huge event for Sept. 9?

Unofficial reports say Sept. 9 is the date that Apple has chosen to show off this year's batch of iPhones — and iPads and a brand new Apple TV are said to be arriving at the same time.

Are bigger smartphones killing off the tablet?

Have you purchased a new tablet in the last 12 months? And what are you using it for? According to the latest data from IDC, slate sales are continuing to drop — but a comeback is possible.

Apple patents a crazy stylus that senses texture to make 3D files

For a company that hates the stylus, Apple sure has a lot of patents for cool styli. Two new patents explain how a stylus could record and transmit different textures on a digital surface to make 3D creations.