iPad 3 rumor update: No Retina Display, won’t be here by fall

Thought you had to hold out for the iPad 2? The iPad 3's timeline might make that look like nothing.
Android Army

Gartner: Apple will dominate tablets until 2015

Gartner forecasts that Apple's lead in the media tablet market will last until 2015 - and even then it'll be 47 percent of the market.

Photoshop Touch SDK brings first wave of more powerful iPad apps from Adobe

Adobe announces the first wave of iPad apps built using the Photoshop Touch SDK: Adobe Color Lava, Adobe Eazel and Adobe Nav.

Incomplete and overpriced: How Motorola doomed the Xoom

The obvious shortcomings of Motorola’s Xoom at launch have Rob Enderle wondering how Motorola managed to squander its good hype from CES and botch the Xoom.

Ten innovative, unusual and just plain cool uses for the iPad

Forget chatting with friends and browsing Google Maps. These 10 innovative, sometimes off-the-wall uses for the iPad turn into everything from a sketchbook to an in-car navigator, restaurant kiosk and doctor’s sidekick.

Gaming tops tablet activity, says Google study

A Google AdMob study of tablet usage has found that playing games is more popular than any other activity.

Time Warner, Viacom go to court over TV-streaming iPad app

Time Warner Cable and Viacom have filed lawsuits against each other over the cable company's new iPad app that streams live TV.

Best Buy allegedly ‘blacklisted’ by Apple over iPad 2 sales (Update)

Rumor has it that Best Buy and Apple are at odds, which has put the electronics retail giant's sales of the iPad 2 on hold. But who is angry with whom remains a mystery.

Atari launches greatest hits collection for iOS

Atari has mined 100 titles from its archives and has served them up in a tidy Greatest Hits collection available in Apple's App Store.

Apple patent suggests revolutionized bezels for iOS devices

The new technology would include new virtual buttons and indicators on the bezel that would extend capabilities beyond the normal display.

Apple fever: iPad 2 sells 2.6 million in March

New reports show that the iPad 2 may have sold as many as 2.6 million units in the month of March, meaning it may have doubled the 1 million iPads that sold in its first month.

PC sales off to slow start in 2011, ‘usurped’ by the iPad

A new analyst report suggests that tablet makers will have a very hard time keeping pace with Apple's iPad 2 moving into 2012.