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Foxconn employee points to summer 2012 launch for next iPhone

While Apple certainly does its best to contain all information about upcoming product releases, an employee of the iPhone manufacturing plant Foxconn is being a bit more forthcoming with information.
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Samsung’s new Galaxy Ace Plus announced, looks very familiar

Samsung has given its popular Galaxy Ace an update, releasing the Galaxy Ace Plus. Features include a larger screen, more powerful processor and a very familiar design.

30 percent of iPhone 4S owners paid the iPhone 4 early termination fee

While many Americans are making continual efforts to make wise financial decisions during uncertain economic times, a sizable percentage of iPhone 4S owners aren't on the same page.

Samsung files patent complaint against Apple in France

Samsung vs. Apple brawl spills over into France with new accusations of patent infringement.

Inventive Metals clads your iPhone in aluminum

If you can't afford to wait for an iPhone case that deploys airbags if you drop, Inventive Metals has iPhone cases made from solid aluminum.

IOS 5 has some – but few – iPhone 3GS limitations

Initial tests show that iOS works as it should on the iPhone 3GS, with a few, minor exceptions.

Google’s iPhone app gets a makeover, renamed Google Search

Google has renamed its iPhone app "Google Search," and given the mobile software a redesign, and much-needed updates.

Official Polaroid app for iPhone released

The retro cam comes to the iPhone with Polaroid's new app, but there seem to be some early kinks to work out.

Jailbreakers put Android OS on iPhone 3G

Hackers have figured out how to put Android 2.2 Froyo on the iPhone 2 and iPhone 3G.

Apple iOS 4.2 could grease grinding iPhone 3G gears

After mounting controversy over the performance of the iPhone 3G with new firmware, Apple's iOS 4.2 could fix the issue and placate plaintive owners.

Woman sues Apple over iOS 4 upgrade crippling iPhone 3G

A California iPhone 3G user is claiming Apple purposefully created iOS 4 to disable older phone models. In a lawsuit filed this week, she is suing the company for a number of charges concerning the faulty software.

Reports: Apple Looking Into Slow iOS 4 on iPhone 3G

Reports have Apple looking into performance issues with iOS 4 running on older iPhone 3G handsets.