iPhone 3GS

Bring out your dead: What to do with your old iPhone

Now that Apple's unveiled the iPhone 5, here are some ways to make your old iPhone useful, or at least valuable.

iPhone 4 owners will be forced to upgrade to get Apple’s turn-by-turn directions

Likely coming as a disappointment to millions of iPhone 4 owners in the United States, Apple won't be enabling all the features of iOS6 on smartphones older than the iPhone 4S.

Motorola wins iCloud injunction in Germany, forces Apple to pull some iPhones, iPads

Score another win for Motorola: it's won a permanent injunction in Germany over push email capabilities in iCloud, and forced Apple to stop selling older iPhones and 3G-enabled iPads in Germany - at least for now.

Foxconn employee points to summer 2012 launch for next iPhone

While Apple certainly does its best to contain all information about upcoming product releases, an employee of the iPhone manufacturing plant Foxconn is being a bit more forthcoming with information.
Android Army

Samsung’s new Galaxy Ace Plus announced, looks very familiar

Samsung has given its popular Galaxy Ace an update, releasing the Galaxy Ace Plus. Features include a larger screen, more powerful processor and a very familiar design.

30 percent of iPhone 4S owners paid the iPhone 4 early termination fee

While many Americans are making continual efforts to make wise financial decisions during uncertain economic times, a sizable percentage of iPhone 4S owners aren't on the same page.

iPhone 3GS price goes up to 99 cents with new contract at AT&T

AT&T raises prices on the iPhone 3GS to 99 cents after the device was offered for free with contract during October as the iPhone 4S started arriving in stores.

Report: Smartphone sales up, prices down and Apple leads

A new study says more people want smartphones and the average price for the devices is down to $135. Oh, and Apple is winning..

The When, Where, and How of selling your old iPhone

Don't let the iPhone 5 frenzy distract your from one very important detail: What to do with your last-gen model.

Samsung files patent complaint against Apple in France

Samsung vs. Apple brawl spills over into France with new accusations of patent infringement.

iPhone 4 still selling well despite the iPhone 5 release looming

Apple's iPhone 4 is still selling extremely well even though the iPhone 5 is expected to be released in October.

Study shows the iPhone 3GS is the 2nd most popular phone on the market

Even though it is over two years old the iPhone 3GS is the second most popular phone on the market, second only to the iPhone 4.