iPhone 4

Another iPhone reportedly goes up in smoke, sleeping woman wakes in time

In the second case of its kind in a week, a woman in Brazil reportedly awoke in the middle of the night to find her iPhone emitting sparks and smoke.

An iPhone spontaneously combusts on an Australian Flight

An Australian air traveler's iPhone exploded shortly after their flight landed. The phone is said to have released heavy smoke, and emitted a red light. No one was harmed and the phone in question is being analyzed.

iPhone Lens Dial takes phone photography to the next level

New tool extends the iPhone 4 or 4S beyond the limits of its own optic.

iPhone 4S zooms up Flickr camera-phone chart

Owners of the recently released iPhone 4S are evidently getting good use out of its camera, with the device zooming up the Flickr chart to become the second most popular smartphone among users uploading pictures to the photo sharing…

Report finds iPhone 4S Internet use fastest on AT&T

A new report from Metrico Wireless finds not all carriers with the iPhone are equal: for heavy data, Verizon is the most reliable, Sprint has the best call quality, and AT&T is the fastest.

Does the new Apple Store App set the bar for mobile payments?

The newest version of the Apple Store App lets users snap a picture of a product with their iPhone, then walk out the door. Is this how easy mobile commerce has to be?
Android Army

Apple’s iPhone 4S lands Consumer Report blessing, still behind Android phones

Consumer Reports recommends the Apple iPhone 4S, an honor the iPhone 4 never received. But some Android handsets, including the Samsung Galaxy S II, score better.

iPhone 4S top selling phone on America’s three largest carriers

The iPhone 4s is the best selling phone on Sprint, AT&T, and Verizon for the month of October even though it was released midway through the month. The aging iPhone 4 is also among the three top selling phones for each carrier.

Apple confirms bug in iOS 5 causing battery life issues

Apple confirms that there are errors in iOS 5 that are causing battery life problems in some iOS 5 devices. Apple believes it will be able to solve the problem in a few weeks with a software update.

Big-budget Avengers movie uses iPhone for some shots

Cinematographer Seamus McGarvey revealed in an interview this week that he used an iPhone to film some of the shots for the forthcoming big-budget action movie, The Avengers.

Apple iPhone 4S pre-orders top 1 million in 24 hours

Apple boasts 1 million iPhone 4S units sold in the first 24 hours after pre-orders became available, breaking previous sales records. But the numbers alone may not tell the full story.

How the Apple rumor mill got the iPhone 4S so wrong

The press failed to keep rumors in check this year, and let itself get drunk on iPhone speculation. Here's what went wrong, and how we can avoid it in the future.