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Best iPhone 5 Accessories

Enhance your iPhone 5 experience with the best accessories around.

Windows Phone commercial makes fun of all Android and iPhone owners

A new Windows phone ad, spotlighting the Nokia Lumia 920, depicts a war breaking out between Apple and Android fanboys at a wedding. Eternal matrimony has rarely been so violent.

iPhone 5S likely delayed, iPhone 6 coming in 2014, says analyst

Apple's iPhone 5S has been delayed till August or September. Meanwhile, analysts report that the iPhone 6 will be out next year, and feature a larger screen.

Volkswagen iBeetle offers built-in iPhone dock, custom app

Designed to take advantage of the massive popularity of Apple's iPhone 5, the Volkswagen iBeetle offers a variety of custom options that will appeal to anyone obsessed with Apple products.
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Build your own pair of D.I.Y. headphones with a 3D printer

Step aside Dr. Dre the next big thing in headphones might just come from a 3D printer. We take a look at one designers take on the idea, complete with links to the plans.
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8 Best Smartphone Camera Accessories

Want to take better shots and record higher quality video with your smartphone camera? You'll need some extra tools. Just like with a real camera, the addition of better lenses, external flashes and mics, plus more stability makes a huge…

T-Mobile: Give us your old iPhone 4 or 4S, we’ll give you an iPhone 5

In an effort to draw in new customers, T-Mobile is inviting people to trade in their used iPhones in exchange for an iPhone 5. The offer also promises as much as $120 worth of store credit, based on the used phone's value.

Did HTC’s CEO just sign his own resignation with the new One?

HTC has built an incredible smartphone to reboot the One line, but it's still essentially doubling down on its failed strategy from last year. The One isn't going to help HTC defeat Samsung, and it could cost CEO Peter Chou his job.
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DTS-HD surround sound coming soon to mobile devices

DTS launches DTS-HD layered audio for media streaming services making it possible to stream various bit rates in one encode. Tablets and Vudu rejoice.

iPhone 5 now available for pre-order with T-Mobile

T-Mobile is now accepting pre-orders for the iPhone 5, with down payment prices starting at just $100. Since the carrier did away with contracts, however, new phones will have to be paid in full.

The iPhone 5 will arrive on April 21 with T-Mobile, will connect to new 4G LTE network

T-Mobile has announced it's to finally offer the Apple iPhone on its network, and it'll come with 4G LTE connectivity too. It's out in a few weeks time, and will be joined by the Apple iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S.
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Forget the Galaxy S4, get the same new software features with these apps instead

The Galaxy S4 is cool and all, and brags about a lot of new features that it will have when it launches in April, but a lot what it talks about is already available for smartphone owners today.