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Hauwei Ascend P2 vs iPhone 5: In-depth spec comparison

The Huawei Ascend P2 is a stand out amoung the Android competition, but the company is looking to trounce Apple as well. How does the P2 stand up to the iPhone 5? Read our comparison to find out.

HTC One vs. Galaxy S3 vs. iPhone 5: Spec Showdown

HTC has laid it all on the line with the newest One device. But how does it stack up to the competition? We compare the One to the iPhone and Galaxy S3 to find out how it stacks up.

Beware: Your iPhone lockscreen is easy to hack

A YouTube video points out just how easy it is to hack through Apple's iOS 6.1 lock screen.. It's not the easiest to do, but after a few quick steps, anyone can get access to a stranger's fully functioning iPhone.

iPhone 5 ranks 5th in user satisfaction in U.S. behind four Android phones

Apple's iPhone 5 is one of the best smartphones around. But going by customer satisfaction, it just cracks the top five. A new report reveals four Android devices topped Apple in user satisfaction in the U.S. and U.K., but Apple's still the…

Jailbreaking records: Envasi0n frees 7 million iOS devices in just four days

Apple continues to criticize the act of jailbreaking, but that isn't stopping iOS device owners from jailbreaking more than 7 million devices in the past four days using a new tool called Envasi0n - now the most popular jailbreaking tool in…

Mophie’s Helium case doubles the battery capacity of the iPhone 5

Ideal for anyone that uses the iPhone 5 extensively during the workday or when traveling on vacation, the new Mophie Juice Pack Helium case will provide a sizable boost to overall battery life.

Blackberry Z10 vs iPhone 5 vs Galaxy S3: Spec Showdown

Research in Motion is all in on BlackBerry 10, so much so that it changed its company name to BlackBerry. The Z10 is the flagship device of the new OS and now that it's officially here, it's time for it to go head-to-head with the kings of…

Apocalypse for Apple: Conspiracy, coincidence, or the beginning of the end?

January 2013 has been "Kick Apple" month in the press, where even the stories about future devices make the firm sound ridiculous. However, is the negative coverage impacting Apple's business, ahead of a potentially record-breaking earnings…

Apple iPhone sales numbers creep out before its earnings report

Apple's iPhone has accounted for more than half of smartphone sales in the United States last quarter, according to a new survey.

BlackBerry 10 rumors: N-Series may debut alongside L-Series, price and video of Z10 leak online

Recent rumors have indicated that RIM could launch the N-Series of its BlackBerry 10 phones this month in addition to the L-Series.

Apple’s alleged 2013 product roadmap only strengthens iPhone 5S and cheaper iPhone rumors

Analyst with KGI Securities Ming-Chi Kuo has laid out a projected roadmap of product launches for Apple in 2013.

iPhone 5: Weak demand forces Apple to cut orders, WSJ reports

"iPhone" and "weak demand" aren't often seen in the same sentence, but a Wall Street Journal report on Sunday says the Cupertino company has been forced to cut orders of various iPhone 5 components due to "weaker-than-expected demand."