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Hands on: Lettrs app harnesses the power of snail mail

Want to revisit a simpler time when correspondence was delivered by the postal service? Lettrs puts a modern twist on the old art of letter sending by taking a digitally designed and typed letter and turning it in to a handmade physical letter.


Hands on: Google Now for iOS beats Siri, but needs integration

Google Now, Google's voice search tool, has made its way to iOS via the Google Search app. It's powerful, responsive, and has impressive speech pattern recognition that leads to accurate results But it may too hidden for most users to fully take advantage of.


Google Now is … now available on iPhone and iPad!

Google has launched a revamped version of its search app on the iPhone and iPad containing Google Now, it's Siri competitor. You can download it from the App Store now.


Best apps of the week: Radio Reddit, Spotify, Photoshop, and more

Pay too much attention to Mobile World Congress and neglect your current device? Show it some love with apps and updates worth downloading from this week, including Photoshop for the iPhone, Radio Reddit, Alien vs. Predator, and more.


Keep it in your pants! (And other ways to keep your phone from ruining Valentine’s Day)

Did you know that your smartphone can be a Swiss Army Knife for romance? It can also be a major contraceptive. Here’s how to avoid the doghouse and swipe your way into the bedroom.


Worst app of the week: ‘Pet Baby’ for iPhone puts your dog’s face on a baby

We usually strive to point you in the direction of apps that you'll enjoy. In our search, we pass up a lot of apps that may deserve our attention. Pet Baby is not one of those apps. We are here save you from the mistake of downloading Pet Baby.


Obsessed with Santa? Check out these crazy Christmas apps

Santa Claus is coming to town, but while you wait you might want to check out some useful, fun, and just plain crazy Christmas apps for iOS and Android. Here’s our roundup of Christmas-themed apps to get you in the holiday spirit.

Android Army

Building a virtual toolbox: Apps and tech for the digital mechanic

Your smartphone can help you find out how fast your car is, or why it's making funny noises.


Best back to school apps

We take a look at the best apps for students on the iOS and Android platforms in this back to school app roundup.

Android Army

App that lets you ‘impregnate your friends’ blasted by family planning groups

A new iPhone app that lets you "impregnate your friends" with the touch of a button is causing controversy just a day after its release.


Apps and gadgets to organize your home

Clear clutter, organize your home and leave stress behind with these easy-to-use, inexpensive apps and gadgets.

Cool Tech

Yelp hops on Mitt Romney’s ‘Amercia’ train with new iOS support

Is "Amercia" a real place? According to the latest Yelp iOS update, it might be time to add your recommendations for "our newest country."


LightBomber app will light paint your photos to life

Add some glow to your low light photos with the LightBomber app for a cool light painting effect.


Chevy Spark to get phone-based nav system

With the newest version of Chevy's MyLink, the driver's smart phone is the navigation system. Is connectivity enough to woo younger buyers to the Bow-Tie brand?


Bloggers can post pictures from their iPhone’s Camera+ straight to WordPress

The updated versions of WordPress and Camera+ on iOS allows bloggers to post their pictures directly to their blogs, making the transaction more seamless and hassle-free.