Apple surprises with a $50 discount on the Apple Watch when purchased with an iPhone

According to a confirmed report, Apple is dipping its toe in new waters for the next couple weeks by offering a $50 discount on the Apple Watch Sport or Apple Watch when purchased with a new iPhone.

Charge your Apple Watch from anywhere with Amber, the charging case

If wearing an Apple Watch is meant to make you look cool, you should be able to charge your favorite wearable with the same level of suaveness. Luckily, now that Amber has launched its Kickstarter campaign, that may not be so difficult.

Apple hits new heights with increased iPhone sales, iPad continues to slump

Apple reported 28 percent annual revenue growth in its 4th quarter financial results, with $51.5 billion in quarterly revenue and $11.1 billion in profit.

Say hello to #dataoveragegate, Apple’s latest controversy that has created a class action suit

Did you get hit with a data overage bill after upgrading to iOS 9? A new feature called Wi-Fi Assist could be culprit. It has caused so much backlash, that a $5 million class action suit was filed over it this past Friday.
Cool Tech

Apple Switch Control helps Todd Stabelfeldt control his life from his wheelchair

While the vast majority of Todd Stabelfeldt's impressive achievements are a product of his own genius, he's had a bit of help over the last few years from one very distinctive iPhone feature -- the Switch Control.

Facebook app draining your iPhone battery? Company says it’s fixed it

If you had a hunch it was Facebook's app draining your iPhone battery faster than it really should, then you were right. The company said Thursday it'd uncovered a couple of power-related issues, and has fixed them in an update you can grab…

Apple’s latest patent could make your next iPhone’s display shatterproof

The display is probably the most vulnerable area of your smartphone. With just one drop, your phone could be rendered unusable. A new patent from Apple might ensure that you never shatter your display again.

Apple now rolling out iOS 9.1 and watchOS 2.0.1, and they contain the middle finger emoji

Apple has begun rolling out minor upgrades to iOS devices and the Apple Watch. The upgrades, iOS 9.1 and watchOS 2.0.1, contain new emoji and bug fixes, including improved Live Photos behavior on the iPhone 6S and 6S Plus.

Facebook launches Instant Articles on the iPhone, offering super-fast news to mobile users

Facebook has launched its Instant Articles platform on the iPhone today, providing millions of mobile users with super-fast news from a wide selection of publishers. The system removes the eight-second load time experienced for normal…

Apple ordered to pay university $234M after losing iPhone chip patent case

Following a ruling earlier in the week, a jury on Friday ordered Apple to pay the University of Wisconsin $234m in damages after ruling its A7, A8, and A8X processors – found in recent versions of the iPhone – violate a patent for…

Apple sets ResearchKit to work on cures for autism, epilepsy, and melanoma

Apple has announced three new studies for ResearchKit, focused on autism, epilepsy, and melanoma. The studies use the iPhone, iPad, and Apple Watch to spot early signs, and gain more info for medical research.

Your smartphone addiction is very real, and may be seriously debilitating

So deep-seated is our dependency on our smart phones that a recent study has shown that we actually perform better on cognitive tests when our phones are around (even if we're not using them) than if they're out of sight or far away.