Apple cleans up iOS store after major malware security breach

Apple said it's cleared its iOS store of malware-infected apps in what's thought to be the largest security breach of its kind to hit the software marketplac. One Silicon Valley security firm described the malicious software as "very…

Always need more juice for your iPhone? Get the Mophie Juice Pack Reserve

Considered the company’s “most compact battery case to date,” the $59.95 Mophie juice pack reserve case promises more than 60 percent extra battery life as well as protection for your most treasured possession – your phone.

Snap! Pro turns the amateur iPhone photographer into a pro

Despite the ubiquity and relative convenience of using your iPhone as a camera, “using the touch screen or volume button to snap a shot still doesn't feel natural,” so get a Snap! Pro.

Should you upgrade to an iPhone 6S? Watch this first 2:44

"Is this year's iPhone worth the upgrade?" Find out what's new, what to expect and what to consider before purchasing your the iPhone 6S or 6S Plus in this quick video.

Apple CEO Tim Cook open to removing pre-installed apps on iOS

Apple chief executive officer Tim Cook is open to removing preinstalled apps on iOS, he said in an interview earlier this week. This would allow customers to remove apps built by Apple that they didn't use.

Ready for the iPhone 6S? Here’s how to sell your old iPhone without getting ripped off

Our guide to selling your iPhone (without getting ripped off). Whether you're looking to upgrade to the latest-and-greatest, making the switch to the Android platform, or just in dire need of some cold, hard cash; this is what you need to…

And the most popular iPhone 6S model in preorders is …

Demand for the new iPhone 6S and iPhone 6S Plus appears to be brisk, with the larger rose gold model apparently a particular favorite — based on changing shipping times worldwide, at least.

Hear Siri’s genius interruption during a long-winded question at the White House

The iPhone's personal assistant Siri may be making a play in the world of politics. During a press session at the White House, Siri managed to interrupt a long-winded question, and provide a perfectly timed response.

With 3D Touch, Apple adds new depth to the iPhone 6S

We go hands on with Apple's new iPhone 6S and iPhone 6S Plus, and try out new features like Live Photos, 3D Touch, and more. If you're wondering whether you should upgrade, we've pretty much got your answer.

Doodlers rejoice! Paper, the popular iPad drawing app, now available on iPhones

FiftyThree's popular drawing app for iPad, Paper, is now available on the iPhone. FiftyThree redesigned Paper to suit the iPhone's smaller screen, but it still has all the powers of the iPad app.

How to watch Apple’s iPhone 6S event today, and chat with us live

Apple's September event is here. New iPhones, iPads, iOS 9, Apple TV, and Siri are all probably going to be featured at the event. Here's how you can watch Apple's September 9th event live online.
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Apple event, Canon 250-megapixel sensor: DT Daily: 1:19

Apple unveils a whole bunch of new gear today, Canon has built a 250-megapixel sensor that can see a lot of stuff all at once.