Analysts debate iPhone sales, but they’re stagnant either way

According to Morgan Stanley's Katy Huberty, Apple will ship 42 million iPhones this quarter, more than the 38 million Wall Street predicted. She arrived at that number using a pretty quirky, but accurate, method.


Apple may include lens mounting system in future iPhone, new patent reveals

While plenty of third-party products already exist for attaching lenses to an iPhone's camera, a patent granted to Apple this week shows the company is continuing to search for its own solution.


Apple chops the 30 day return policy on iPhones to just two weeks

Definitely something to keep in mind if you are considering switching to an iPhone in the near future, Apple is cutting the return period in half from a full month down to fourteen days.


This iPhone 5S saved a soldier’s life in Afghanistan, but he can’t afford a new one

According to a Utah soldier, his iPhone prevented further shrapnel from a bomb from entering his body, thus saving his life. The problem is that Apple can't let him keep it if he wants to get a new one.


Toddler uses FaceTime to save mother after dog attack

Thankfully placed in time to help his mother avoid passing out from blood loss and possibly losing a finger, an Arizona toddler used FaceTime on his mother's iPhone to place a call out for help.


How to take a screenshot on an iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch

Learn how to take an iPhone screenshot or iPod Touch screenshot with just a few simple steps. Screenshots from the iPhone and iPod Touch can be emailed, giving you the ability to capture anything on your device and quickly show it off to friends.


Oscar Mayer iPhone device wakes you up to the smell of bacon

Probably tied with cinnamon buns for the best breakfast food smell to wake up to, the scent of bacon is being combined with an iOS dongle and an alarm clock to wake you up in the morning.

Cool Tech

Tiny cameraman: Videography lets your phone move when you move (just like that)

Videography is a new iOS camera app from Appologics that builds in face and object detection, as well as recording modes like time-lapse and slow-mo. When used with the Motrr Galileo, it can automatically pan, tilt, and track moving objects.


Type without looking using Fleksy, the iPhone’s first alternative keyboard

Fleksy is the first alternative keyboard for iPhone and iPad owners. Developers can now build the keyboard into their apps, where it'll be offered as an alternative to the standard Apple keyboard.


BlackBerry boss ‘outraged’ by T-Mobile’s ‘ill-conceived’ anti-BB iPhone promotion

BlackBerry boss John Chen says he's ‘outraged’ by T-Mobile's 'inappropriate and ill-conceived' iPhone promotion in which the wireless carrier emailed its BlackBerry customers with an offer to switch to Apple's handset.


The average Android phone is now half the price of an iPhone

According to the IDC, the average Android device is more than half the price of an average iOS device. While this is interesting news, it's also skewed. The data doesn't account for some facts about Android


Apple plans to phase out use of conflict minerals

Apple's annual Supplier Responsibility report is out and available to study — in it the company renews its commitment to sourcing minerals from conflict-free areas and reducing its environmental impact.


No joke: This ‘RIP Flappy Bird’ t-shirt costs $10,000

If you thought paying $100,000 for an iPhone loaded with Flappy Bird was idiotic, wait till you get a load of this: T-Shirts.com has just released a “RIP Flappy Bird” t-shirt that costs $10,000. Really.


iPhone: Sony reportedly to provide sensor for improved front-facing camera

It looks like Apple is gearing up to show a little love to the iPhone's front-facing camera after a report Wednesday claimed it's in talks with Sony to provide high-performance sensors for a future iteration of its handset.