Apple's new patent proposes a way to eliminate 'butt dialing' once and for all

A new Apple patent filing describes a novel use of the sensors in wearables to prevent 'butt dialing.' A paired phone, for instance, might automatically lock when placed in a back pocket.

You can hack almost any iPhone with just $100 worth of electronics

Turns out you don't need the resources of the U.S. government to hack an iPhone. A Cambridge researcher demonstrated an exploit the requires just $100 worth of off-the-shelf equipment.

Head over to Tumblr if you want to share Live Photos from your iPhone on the web

Those fun animated Live Photos taken with your iPhone are almost free of their iOS prison. Tumblr has become the first website to support online sharing of the pictures, after adding support to its app recently.

Woolet case and charging pad deliver wireless power to your iPhone 7

The Woolet, a hand-crafted, calf leather, Qi-compatible wireless charging pad, ships in some bundles with an oak case for the recently released iPhone 7. It's available on IndieGoGo at the starting price of $70.

Consumers love the jet black iPhone 7, Slice Intelligence notes in data study

Slice Intelligence claims to be the "only direct measurement of all digital commerce activity and customer loyalty." When it comes to the iPhone 7, that activity points to some interesting new trends.

Will Apple’s AirPods slip out? Conan O’Brien’s hilarious spoof ad offers a view

Apple's wireless "AirPod" earphones don't land for another month, but many people are already wondering how securely the $159 optional extra will fit in the ear. Here's what Conan O'Brien thinks....

Twenty-five cases to keep your iPhone SE looking like new

Protect your new iPhone properly with one of our favorite iPhone SE cases or covers. That metal-and-glass body is prone to scuffs and scratches, so it pays to think ahead and buy a decent case.

iPhone users can now shoot RAW DNG photos inside Lightroom

Coinciding with Apple's recent release of iOS 10, Adobe has unveiled an update to Lightroom Mobile that enables RAW DNG photo capture within the app. Now you can both capture and edit RAW photos on your iPhone.

Apple fixes iOS 10 update flaw that bricked people’s iPhones and iPads

Apple's iOS 10 update bricked some iPhones and iPads within the first few hours of its release. Apple says it has since fixed the issue and downloads should go smoothly now. Regardless, we suggest you wait a bit before downloading iOS 10.

Here are all the iOS devices that can get iOS 10, and the ones that won’t

Every OS upgrade means older hardware will no longer be supported. Apple just announced iOS 10, which will come in the fall, so here are a list of devices that will get the new version, and the ones that won't.

Don't want to ask a stranger to snap your pic? Now you can hire an 'iPhoneographer'

PhotoSesh Light, a new app from the PhotoSesh team, lets you hire a iPhoneographer. They get paid on an hourly basis, whether it's to take your tourist photos or follow you around during a night at the club.

Buying an iPhone 7? How to sell your old iPhone without getting ripped off

Our guide to selling your iPhone (without getting ripped off). Whether you're looking to upgrade to the latest-and-greatest, making the switch to the Android platform, or just in dire need of some cold, hard cash; this is what you need to…