The hacked San Bernardino shooter's iPhone doesn't reveal any ISIS ties

U.S. law enforcement say no evidence of ISIS ties have been found in the San Bernardino shooter's iPhone. That puts to bed investigator's theories of possible contacts made during gap in the timeline of events, but what happened is still…

This convenient little battery pack charges your Apple Watch and iPhone

Don't want to carry a battery pack for your iPhone, plus cables to charge up your Apple Watch? The Kanex GoPower is a battery pack for your Watch, that also charges up your iPhone.
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Pinterest just dropped a revamped iOS app that will load 3x faster than before

Pinterest has completely revamped its iOS app. The new app not only features a sleek and stylish new design, but, perhaps more importantly, it has been totally rebuilt under-the-hood to now load a whopping three times faster.

60 Minutes asked a security firm to hack an iPhone, and the result is disturbing

Apparently encryption isn't enough to protect our privacy. As part of an experiment, 60 Minutes enlisted hackers in Berlin who were able to easily break into a congressman's iPhone after finding out only his phone number.

Apple's compact telephoto lens patent hints at a dual-lens future for the iPhone

Apple has been granted a patent for an ultra-compact telephoto lens that may find its way into the next version of the iPhone, the iPhone 7. The patent is described as being part of a dual-lens setup.

Apple: Government fails to show that assistance is ‘necessary’

Apple has responded to a Justice Department's letter which said that it needed the Cupertino company's help in unlocking an iPhone in a New York case. Apple says the government hasn't shown evidence that it requires the firm's assistance.

iPhone not expected to last longer than 3 years

Apple rates the environmental impact of its devices on five factors, including expected lifespan. iPhones and Apple watches are rated at three years, and OS X and tvOS units at four years. Your mileage may vary, but don't count on it…

Apple ‘secret team’ prepping major App Store changes, report claims

Apple's App Store, which now offers more than 1.5 million apps, looks set to be overhauled in a bid to make it more efficient for both users and developers. And one of the reported changes could prove particularly beneficial for…

Microsoft's Word Flow iOS keyboard could be the keyboard to beat

Microsoft starting teasing a beautiful iOS keyboard called Word Flow back in January, and now it has opened up that keyboard in closed beta. The keyboard not only has a great design, but also includes features like a one-handed typing mode.

10 bite-sized iPhone SE tips and tricks

The iPhone SE may be small, but there’s more to it than meets the eye. We have an appetizing menu of handy iPhone SE tips and tricks in bite-sized chunks for you right here, so tuck in and enjoy.

Gangs, drugs, and guns keep the pressure on Apple

New criminal cases keep the Department of Justice focused on court action to require Apple's help unlocking phones. An federal encryption bill is on the way with far-reaching consequences that have all parties concerned.

Microsoft wins the race against Google to offline translation on iOS

Google may be considered the king of translation apps, but Microsoft has something that Google doesn't -- offline translation on iOS. The new feature has launched with a whopping 46 languages.