Crime wave: Crash-and-grab at California Apple Store latest in string of robberies

The latest in a string of Apple Store robberies in and around the Bay Area, thieves used a car to smash through the iconic glass front of the store, before rushing in and stealing hardware on display.

U.K. police ‘mug’ fraud suspect to access his iPhone while it’s unlocked

U.K. police appear to have adopted an unorthodox method when it comes to getting around phone encryption -- to access the data on a suspect's iPhone, they decided to, as the BBC reported, "legally 'mug' [him]" while it was unlocked.

Foxconn employee charged with stealing nearly 6,000 iPhones worth $1.5 milllion

No matter how much time you've wasted at the water cooler this year, you'll look like Employee of the Year when compared to a Foxconn worker, who made away with a stunning $1.56 million worth of iPhones.

Google Maps update for iOS brings some neat features for drivers

Google is continuing to hone its iOS Maps app to keep its loyal users happy and discourage them from ever considering Apple's alternative. Its latest update, rolled out on Thursday, offers a couple of neat features for road users.

Apple says it’s taking steps to stop all that annoying Calendar invite spam

If you're an iCloud user who's been getting a load of Calendar invite spam in recent weeks, then you'll be pleased to know that Apple is currently working to block suspicious senders. But if you're still receiving it, read on to see what…

Share the power and juice up your phones with the best USB charging hubs

A USB charging station allows you to charge multiple smartphones and tablets from a single outlet. Here are some of our favorite options currently on the market, from the likes of Aukey, TYLT, and Anker.

Apple sees a dip, but 4G smartphone shipments in 2016 are on the rise

Android will see a 5.2 percent bump in market share, but 2016 won't be kind to Apple. According to the IDC's latest forecasts for smartphone shipments, 2016 may be the "first full year of declining shipments for Apple's iPhone."

How to save iPhone voicemails

The ability to save voicemails can be incredibly useful, as they can be used in the future to prove a point or to save valuable information. Fortunately, the process for saving voice messages is relatively easy.

Some iPhones experience reduced battery life following iOS 10.1.1 update

It looks like Apple is experiencing yet another buggy iOS update -- iOS 10.1.1 is apparently causing some users to experience a terrible battery life. ISome users report that their phone is dying with 30 to 50 percent battery remaining.

Forget the weatherman: These are the best weather apps for iOS

Leaving the day's weather forecast up to your local weatherperson can leave you out in the rain. Take matters in to your own hands with our picks for the best weather apps currently available for iOS.

Tips to make your iPhone battery last longer (and a common myth busted)

Each iteration of the iPhone is better than the last, but not when it comes to battery life. Thankfully, these tips will allow you to squeeze more juice out of your Apple device between charges -- no outlet necessary.

Man’s iPhone 4 survives plunge into icy lake for 18 months

So Michael Guntrum and a pal are ice fishing, and he lands the big one. Problem is, his trusty iPhone 4 went into the drink. You'd think that was the end of the phone, but you'd be wrong.