Nintendo and the Louvre partner for 3DS-enhanced tours

While many museums and attractions attempt to increase revenue by renting audio devices during tours, the Louvre is upgrading to video screens with the help of Nintendo's handheld gaming device.
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Klipsch Gallery G-17 Air arrives just in time for Christmas

Klipsch's high-end G-17 Air is now available for a princely $550, offering wireless playback via Airplay.

Apple A5 processor produced at Samsung plant in (yup) Texas

Apple famously produces its iGadgets overseas, but a new report puts new production of the A5 brains in the iPhone and iPad deep in the heart of Texas.
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Why many developers look to iOS first? Money.

Android might be the leading smartphone platform, but reports find apps for Apple's iOS make substantially more money than Android apps.

Grand Theft Auto III out now for iOS and Android

The 10th Anniversary edition of Grand Theft Auto III has been released for the iPhone, iPad and a selection of Android phones and tablets, complete with a visual makeover and enhanced controls.

Telenav announces free turn-by-turn navigation in any HTML5-capable browser

While the vast array of GPS devices currently available offer several options for directions while on the go, Telenav is launching a free way to get to a nearby location by using a HTML5-enabled browser.
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ITC delays decision in Apple/HTC case…again

The International Trade Commission was supposed to rule on Apple's request to bar HTC phones in the U.S. on December 6. Then December 14. Now it's December 19.

Apple in talks to buy Israeli flash memory company Anobit for $400M-500M: report

Apple is reportedly in talks to buy Israeli hardware company Anobit, which makes a chip that greatly increases the performance of flash memory.

New game levels released to celebrate Angry Birds second “birdday”

It was December 2009 that Angry Birds first flew onto the iTunes App Store. Now two years later, Rovio celebrates its "Birdday" with version 2.0 of the game, complete with new levels and the unlocking of all existing ones.

San Francisco man plans to sue Apple over iPhone prototype search

While we will have to wait until 2012 to see if another Apple employee will lose another unreleased iPhone, a San Francisco man plans to go after Apple for searching his home for a missing iPhone prototype.

Motorola chomps Apple in German patent victory, now what?

Motorola may have done what Samsung and others have failed to do: Landing an injunction that could take iPhones and iPads off shelves. But was it a fluke or a sign or things to come?
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Instagram CEO confirms Android app in the works

Fresh from its iPhone App of the Year win, Instagram is hard at work converting the filter-driven photo sharing app over to Google Android.