Apple tests battery fix with select end users, solution coming soon

Apple has invited a number of end users to test out a pre-release version of iOS 5.0.1. Developers have been working to fix an iOS 5 issue that affects some Apple devices running the mobile operating system.

Does the new Apple Store App set the bar for mobile payments?

The newest version of the Apple Store App lets users snap a picture of a product with their iPhone, then walk out the door. Is this how easy mobile commerce has to be?

Killspencer’s new iPhone Veils available in zebrawood or ebony finish

This stunning Killspencer backing "Veil" for your iPhone 4 or 4S will give you the wood look, minus the bulk.

Hack unlocks secret iPhone panorama camera mode

A hidden panorama mode has been uncovered by iOS jailbreakers.

Apple boots iOS developer for exposing a security bug

iOS security researcher Charlie Miller has been booted from Apple's developer program for exposing a bug in iOS.

Foxconn’s ‘intelligent robotics kingdom’ to create jobs, then replace them

iPhone manufacturer Foxconn Technology Group formalizes its plans to construct an automated worker manufacturing plant with a letter of intent laying out a soon-to-be-built "intelligent robots kingdom" in Taiwan.

U.S. Cellular rejected Apple and the iPhone 4S

While Sprint, Verizon and AT&T are reporting record sales of the new iPhone 4S, the sixth largest cellular company in the United States decided to go down a different path.

Apple iPhone takes 52% of third quarter industry profits

Apple commanded 52% of the smartphone market profits with the iPhone in 2011's third quarter.

Sporadic Siri outage leaves iPhone 4S users without their virtual assistants

Early adopters, beware: Siri is having its first breakdown as users nationwide are unable to access their favorite iOS app.

Get a personalized iPhone with Casetagram photo cases

Get a snap-on case designed with photos from your Instagram account with Casetagram.

How To: Set up Bluetooth on iPhone

Learn how to set up your Apple iPhone for Bluetooth devices.

Rumors: Apple to revamp all product lines in 2012, new iPad on the way

Rumor has it that Apple plans to overhaul it's entire product portfolio next year. And some say an upgraded iPad 2 could arrive as early as this year, and the full iPad 3 sometime in 2012 — a rumor we find hard to believe.