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BreathalEyes app helps give you some sobering info, lets you know if you’re too drunk to drive

Help your friends, and yourself, make the responsible decision of driving sober by utilizing the power of the iPhone 4 with the BreathalEyes app. A simple app that helps gauge your ability to drive after drinking.
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Facebook scammers are taking advantage of anti-Timeline sentiment

While Facebook Timeline continues to gradually roll out among 800 million users of the social network, scam artists are taking advantage of users that dislike Timeline by playing into the hate.

TidyTilt acts as a modified Smart Cover for your iPhone

This clever two-piece iPhone accessory imitates the iPad 2's Smart Cover and provides a useful stand and mounting abilities.

iPhone flashlight helps rescue team save lost hiker

While advances in technology certainly help make our daily routines easier both at home and in the office, one lost hiker found out how useful his iPhone could be after getting stuck in the wilderness.

Gizmon iCA brings a classic look to iPhone photography

With a similar design to cameras created a few decades ago, the folks at Gizmon have rolled out a stylish iPhone accessory that brings an old school look to the modern smartphone.

Apple’s Jonathan Ive awarded British knighthood

Sure, he lives in the United States, but Apple's Jonathan Ive - the man behind the design of everything from the iMac to the iPhone - can now be called "Sir."

Skype plans on providing free Wi-Fi in NYC on New Year’s Eve

With millions of Americans planning New Years celebrations across the country, Skype is reaching out to anyone celebrating in New York City with the gift of free Wi-Fi for the holiday.

1983 Apple prototype pictures show iPhone ancestor

Pictures of a phone prototype from 1983 show a touchescreen interface that makes the device seem like an iPhone ancestor.

Apple applies for patent concerning face recognition on iOS devices

With millions of people activating new iPhones over the holiday weekend, Apple may be working on a way for those new customers to unlock their new smartphone with a simple face scan.

Batman-like armored iPhone dock brings mobile protection for you and your smartphone

Suit up with the Batman-like BodyGuard armored iPhone dock from Armstar.
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Comedian lampoons bratty Twitter users over ridiculous Christmas gift complaints

While millions of Americans opened up gifts to find amazing electronics like tablets or smartphones, a handful of brats took to Twitter over the holiday weekend to complain about their "plight" over unwanted Christmas gifts.

Report: iOS app downloads up 83 percent

Fiksu reports that in November 2011 iOS app downloads were up 83 percent from a year ago, fueled by the iPhone 4S and iOS 5.