Doxie Go Scanner transfers directly to iPhone and iPad

This slim and sleek rechargeable scanner boasts quick speeds and the ability to scan to your iPhone or iPad.

Apple iPhone sales lower than expected for Q4

Apple failed to meet analyst expectations of its fourth quarter sales, mostly due to lower-than-predicted iPhone sales caused by the late-release of iPhone 4S.

Analyst says iPhone 5 was Steve Jobs’ last project; expected this summer

We're nursing a serious iPhone hangover after the 4S' debut, but here's a quick recap and update on where things stand with the iPhone 5.
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Samsung, HTC patent fights fail to gain traction on Apple

A preliminary ruling from the U.S. ITC finds Apple doesn't violate four HTC patents, and Samsung has lost a bid to ban some Apple products in the Netherlands.

iPhone 4S robo-brain Siri doesn’t play well outside the U.S.

Users are reporting that the iPhone 4S robo-assistant Siri isn't able to handle certain questions outside United States borders, a fact confirmed by Apple's Siri FAQ.

iPhone 4S sales could hit 4 million over weekend as Apple stock hits new high

Friday was a good day for Apple. On the first day of over-the-counter sales of its new iPhone 4S smartphone, US mobile carriers reported record sales and phone activations, customers lined up outside Apple stores around the world and shares…

Hands on with the Griffin Helo TC iPhone-controlled toy helicopter

We take a hands-on look at the iOS-device controlled Helo TC helicopter, which is a fun novelty toy but is lacking in battery life and tactile controls.

Our favorite hidden features of iOS 5

After you've gotten through the iOS 5 update, check out these under-the-hood features Apple packed into the upgrade.

US judge rules Samsung tablets infringe Apple patents, though no ban imposed

A US district judge ruled on Thursday that Samsung's tablets infringe Apple patents. However, no sales ban was imposed as the judge questioned the validity of the patents at the center of the dispute.

Spots in iPhone 4S lines across America are being sold on Craiglist

With the launch of the anticipated iPhone 4S just a handful of hours away, people with and without preorders are already starting to gather at Apple retail locations all over the United States.

Hands-on with iOS 5

Apple's new iOS 5 is here. We've gone through all the major features of the new mobile operating system so you can know what wins and what to look out for before you get started.

iPhone 101: Tips for making the most of your new iPhone 4S

If you're new to the iPhone cult and don't know where to start, we've got all the important info you'll want to know when you break your iPhone 4S out of the box for the first time.