Man begins camping for iPhone 5 with no release date in sight, no money

A British man will start camping out for the next iPhone next week, using it as a chance for free marketing and a social experiment.

Men busted smuggling iPhones and iPads into China with zip lines, crossbows

The Joker's men had no problem using zip lines to get into a Gotham City bank, but Chinese criminals weren't that lucky. Officials bust up a smuggling ring that simply hates paying taxes.

FBI accelerates the search for missing children with ‘FBI Child ID’ app

In the horrible event that a parent loses a child due to a likely kidnapping, tech-savvy parents now have a method to speed up the search. The FBI released an iPhone app today with this concept in mind.
Android Army

The Android-iPhone battle, mapped state by state

A new report can help you steer clear of your mobile OS enemies with a state-by-state map of mobile loyalties.

AT&T to crack down on users who tether without a tethering plan

AT&T officially announced it will start taking action against iPhone users who tether their phone without the $20-per-month service plan.

Apple patent: Inductive device chargers using earphones

A new Apple patent has surfaced, showing the company is looking at induction charging using earphones for Apple devices

Yet another possible iPhone 5 image surfaces

Check out what may be the latest look at the next iPhone.

Turn your Instagram account into a printed book with Blurb

Blurb, a photo-printing service, uses a quick and easy flash application to let users turn their Instagram photo libraries into simple printed photo books.

This is the creepiest iPhone case, hands down

Only in Japan: An iPhone case with a life-sized human hand attached to it, for people who are lonely.
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One-third of Americans prefer their smartphone over sex

When did playing Angry Birds, updating Facebook and reading emails on a smartphone become preferable over having sex? Thirty-three percent of American smartphone owners fall into that category according to a new study.

Apple fined by South Korea over iPhone tracking allegations

After previously settling a lawsuit over location privacy in the country, Apple has been officially slapped on the wrist.

This had better not be Apple’s iPhone 5

A Chinese counterfeit iPhone may provide a hint at what Apple’s fifth-generation iPhone will look like. But I sure hope not.