iPod Touch

What’s new with the 2011 iPod Nano and iPod Touch

Even though the iPhone 4S took most of the spotlight during the Apple event today, the iPod Touch and iPod Nano got important announcements as well, including software upgrades and lower price points.

Apple iOS 5: Everything you need to know

Sure, there was no iPhone 5 (or 4S...) announcement this morning, but Apple revealed the ins and outs of iOS 5. Or at least most of them: There are more than 200 new features on their way. Here we review some of the more notable upgrades to…
Cool Tech

Catch your pup in the act with the iPad-controlled Rover spy tank

Bring out your inner James Bond with the iOS app-controlled Rover spy tank from Brookstone.

Rumor: White iPod touch coming, but few other changes expected

Next month, updates to the iPhone and iPod touch are expected to be announced. If the rumors prove right, Apple's phone will be overhauled significantly, while the iPod touch will undergo only minor changes.
Android Army

Nintendo re-confirms no development plans for the iOS, Android platforms

While sales of the Nintendo 3DS hardware have fallen off since the massive price cut from $249 down to $169, Nintendo is still firm on the future of game development restricted to first party hardware.

Rumor: iMessage being built into OS X Lion’s iChat service

Rumor has it that Apple's iMessage service won't be confined to just iOS devices, and will also work with OS X Lion's iChat instant messenger.

TNT, NBC and TBS bring full-length TV episodes to iPad for free

With television networks bringing iOS applications to market, an acquisition of Hulu has likely become slightly less attractive. While ABC has provided ad-supported television episodes on the iPad since launch, three more networks joined…

Adobe Flash is coming to Apple iOS devices

Adobe's Flash Media Server 4.5 will bring Flash to Apple's iOS devices. Flash videos will be viewable in Safari even though Flash isn't supported.

MoboTap’s Dolphin browser comes to the iPhone

It's already popular with Android smartphone owners, and from today users of Apple's mobile devices can also try out MoboTap's Dolphin browser.

Skype WiFi app offers iOS users cheap global net access

Skype released a new app on Wednesday, Skype WiFi, allowing iOS users to access the net via a million hotspots worldwide.

Apple to unveil iPhone 5 on September 7?

A Japanese website known for correctly predicting Apple's plans says that the computer giant will hold an event on September 7, sparking speculation that the iPhone 5 is just around the corner.