It’s not always sunny in Cupertino: How one botched app predicts a cloudy future

Opinion: Is Apple’s awful new Podcasts app the first of many post-Jobs blunders to come, or just a stutter step?

Marvel Vs Capcom 2 hits iOS next week

Capcom's greatest crossover fighter to date is scheduled for release on your local Apple-branded gadget on April 25.
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Here’s a neat way to recycle your old film cameras

Charge your iPhones and iPods with this unique dock made from a vintage film camera, now buyable from Etsy.

Does the next iPod Nano really need a camera?

An Apple iPod Nano prototype with a camera has been leaked, suggesting the previously removed feature could make a return soon. But does anyone really want an iPod Nano with a camera?

Neil Young’s plan to make digital music sound 20 times better

Neil Young explains his push for the music and tech industries to develop a new lossless audio format and a new type of iPod-like device to play it. He also addresses the lack of danger from piracy and talks about the late Steve Jobs…

Rumor: Apple partnering with Target to open 25 mini-stores

Apple is rumored to be planning to latch on to Target by opening up 25 new mini-stores within certain locations.

Apple’s Jonathan Ive awarded British knighthood

Sure, he lives in the United States, but Apple's Jonathan Ive - the man behind the design of everything from the iMac to the iPhone - can now be called "Sir."

Batman-like armored iPhone dock brings mobile protection for you and your smartphone

Suit up with the Batman-like BodyGuard armored iPhone dock from Armstar.
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Google activates 3.7 million Android devices over Christmas, but Apple still wins

Google's Andy Rubin says that Android activations reached 3.7 million devices over Christmas, but a breakdown of numbers shows that Apple's Christmas activations may almost double Google's.
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Apple and Google independently developing wearable, reality augmenting smartphones

Rumors are flying about Apple and Google both developing their own versions of wearable, augmented reality smartphone devices.