Apple rolls out deals for Black Friday

Normally not given to hype, Apple has rolled out a few offers for Black Friday...not that Apple stores have been lacking for customers.

A gaming iPod? UK’s Blaze to launch new handheld GameGadget early 2012

GameGadget, a new handheld gaming device from the UK aims at retro-gamers and aspiring developers.

How To: Create eBooks for iPod, iPhone and iPad

Learn how to create eBooks for your Apple products.

Apple set to enjoy record Mac sales

Apple is on track to sell a record number of Mac PCs this quarter, according to recent estimates.

How To: Sync an iPod without deleting your music (on PCs)

Learn how to sync your iPod with a new PC without losing all of your music in this How-To.

Apple replacing 1st-generation iPod nanos due to overheating issue

When it comes to batteries, Apple has been having a lousy week. After complaints that its updated iOS had failed to sort out a battery life problem with the iPhone 4S, now comes news that the company is launching a worldwide replacement…

Designer Spotlight: Interview with Mike Norrie of Tembo Trunks

We talk with one of the designers of Tembo Trunks, a non-electric amplification solution for your iPod.

Was Dennis Ritchie more important than Steve Jobs?

It's an apples-to-oranges comparison, but the loss of two industry giants within a week makes us wonder: who's contribution to modern technology is more important?

This time, Zune is actually dead

After some back and forth, Microsoft might actually stick to its guns and discontinue the Zune.