Spotify tested: Does Europe’s Pandora live up to the rave reviews?

Patience is a virtue, and ours was tested. But now we've gotten our hands on Spotify, and if first impressions ring true, we're never letting go.

Pandora ditches Flash for new site design

With a whole new look and improved function, Pandora is ready to release its new site on users starting this week.

Apple’s App Store: 15 bln downloads, $2.5 bln paid to developers

Apple launched its App Store in 2008; today, they announced customers have downloaded more than 15 billion apps and developers have been paid over $2.5 billion.

Best Buy soft launches Music Cloud service

Best Buy is prepping to officially launch its Music Cloud service, which will compete with Amazon's Cloud Player, Google Music, and Apple's iCloud.
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Facebook said to launch ‘Music Dashboard’ with Spotify, others

Facebook reportedly has a new music service in the works that allows users to play music from services like Spotify through their Facebook page, as well as see what their friends are listening to. Is it time for Apple to get worried?

Spotify finally making US debut

And this time they mean it. Probably. After some serious fundraising and a vote of confidence from Spotify execs, it sounds like Europe's hit streaming service is finally going to be available to US customers.

iTunes Match may be a compromise for the music industry and P2P file sharing

Apple is trying to placate record labels by finding a way to find some profits from illegally downloaded music files.

MobileMe has one year to live: Apple shuts down service June 2012

We all knew it was coming, and now Apple has made it official by giving MobileMe users one more year with the service before iCloud fully takes over.

Apple iCloud: Everything you need to know

Apple's new iCloud service will allow users to sync content, including documents, photos and music, across multiple devices. Here's everything you need to know about what iCloud will and won't do, and how it could help change the landscape…

Apple WWDC 2011 announcements: Mac OS X Lion, iOS 5, and iCloud

Apple opens WWDC with news on Mac OS X 10.7 Lion, iOS 5.0, iCloud...which can handle users' whole music libraries (purchased or not!) for $25 a year.

Apple fronting $100+ million to launch iCloud

Rumor has it that Apple is paying each of the four major music labels somewhere in the neighborhood of $25 to $50 million in advance payment to launch its iCloud music service.

Apple’s cloud music service scans user’s iTunes library for content, sources say

Apple's cloud-based music streaming service will reportedly scan each user's music library and then populate their streaming playlist with mirrored content, regardless of whether or not the source material comes from the iTunes Store.