Leaving the iTunes Music Store open can kill your Mac’s battery life

If your Mac's battery is dying quickly, try closing the iTunes Music Store. Leaving it open can eat up too much processing power, which can lead your battery to an early death.

Analyst predicts Apple Music could reach 20 million subscribers by end of next year

While most analysts are predicting a slip in subscriptions for Apple Music, one notable analyst claims the service will reach eight million by end of year. Mark Mulligan also predicts 20 million subscribers by the end of 2016.

Apple increases iTunes Match and Apple Music storage to 100,000 songs

Apple knows not to make promises it can't keep, and now, it's delivering on an issue that has music fans everywhere singing Hallelujah. The iEmpire has now increased the iTunes Match and Apple Music libraries limit from 25,000 to 100,000.

Multiple high-profile iOS games delisted, removed from iTunes user purchase histories

Capcom's adventure game Ghost Trick is among several iOS apps that recently disappeared from iTunes user purchase histories, rendering them inaccessible with no option to redownload at a later date.

Apple Music still has ‘homework’ to do to work out kinks, says key executive

In a recent interview, an Apple Music exec explained that the team is still working out some serious kinks in the system, explaining that there is plenty of work to be done before the system is running on all cylinders.
Movies & TV

Apple may start producing original television shows and movies

Possibly adding a new competitor in the streaming video space, Apple is considering an investment in original content that would likely be distributed through iTunes potentially in a subscription model.

Designer mocks up an Apple Music without the iTunes

In an alternate reality, Apple Music exists without the rest of iTunes attached to it — and one designer has tried to imagine what the resulting desktop software package would look like.

New iPod rumors: A 64-bit iPod Touch could launch in July with a Nano and Shuffle

The newest release of iTunes let slip something big: all-new iPods. One image in particular shows an iPod Touch, iPod Nano, and iPod Shuffle in new colors. It's unclear what internal changes are in store, if any.

Patent troll’s $533 million victory against Apple goes to retrial

A U.S. District Court judge tossed out Smartflash's $533 million victory against Apple due to jurors' likely confusion about how to properly calculate royalties. Apple isn't off the hook yet, however, as a retrial has been ordered for…

Online payments halted in Greece, citizens eye Bitcoin to protect savings

Online payments using local debit and credit cards have been halted in Greece, including use on iTunes and Amazon. During financial turmoil, there is evidence citizens may turn to Bitcoin to protect investments.

It's no Spotify killer, but Apple Music sets a new beat for iTunes

Apple calls it revolutionary. I disagree. The concept of radio is as old as … well, as radio. But no one’s made a curated streaming online service quite like this. With the forthcoming Music service, Apple will turn the music world on…

Apple may start taking a smaller cut of App Store and iTunes sales

Apple is in talk with media companies to reduce its cut of App Store and iTunes sales, according to a report. It'd mark the first time the company has done so since it introduced the 70/30 revenue split in 2003.