Your free U2 album may have cost Apple $100 million

Have you downloaded your free U2 album through iTunes yet? Billboard has more details about the agreement between the band and Apple, including the price of the deal and what happens next.

Garth Brooks launches iTunes competitor called GhostTunes

Looking for a more unique way to offer digital music, country artist Garth Brooks has helped launch a new music service called GhostTunes that will allow a multitude of interesting options for both musicians and consumers.

Sony will offer discounted albums through iTunes for iOS users

Available now, Sony's "Album of the Day" app offers iPhone users discounted albums for download through iTunes. The app first launched in Germany back in March, though time will tell if it's successful in the U.S.

Apple could marry iTunes Radio to Beats Music in rebrand move

The dust is still settling after last week's news that Apple has officially wrapped up its $3 billion acquisition of Beats Electronics, but the Cupertino company has already made its first move in the potential rebranding of Beats Music in…

How To Convert M4A files to MP3 format

Despite its remarkable ability to retain audio fidelity at a smaller size, M4a files aren't the best when it comes to compatibility. Check out our basic guide on how to convert an M4a file to an MP3, using either Apple's iTunes or the…

Paul McCartney releases five classic post-Beatles records as feature-filled apps

Legendary songwriter Paul McCartney has re-released five classic albums, both solo and Wings material, from his back catalog in the form of iPad apps. The former Beatle joins a growing camp of artists who've opted to release their records…
Movies & TV

Snowpiercer hits digital distribution just two weeks after U.S. release

Attempting to reach a wider audience than a few hundred theaters, a film distributor is attempting to leverage availability on a massive scale using digital video platforms such as iTunes.

Digital music sales dip 12 percent as listeners switch to streaming

How much digital music have you bought since you switched to Spotify or Rdio? A new report from Nielsen shows download sales dwindling while streaming services — and vinyl sales — are on the up.

How to download and listen to podcasts on Android or iOS

If you want to download and listen to podcasts on your Android or iOS device, here's a guide on what to do and which apps to choose.

50 best free ebooks from iBooks, Google Play, and Project Gutenberg

Believe it or not, you don't always have to pay for great books. Here is our handpicked selection of the best free books for the iPad, so you can tap into thousands of quality offerings from the iBooks, Google Play, and Project Gutenberg.

Apple’s iTunes almost at 800 million accounts, most ‘connected to a credit card’

Apple has revealed it now oversees almost 800 million iTunes accounts globally. While revenue from its online store is up, recent reports suggest the firm may revamp its music-based elements to better compete with the likes of Pandora and…
Android Army

Apple planning drastic iTunes revamp to fight off competition from Pandora and Spotify

Apple is reportedly considering a drastic revamp of its iTunes store and related music services in a bid to address the issue of declining downloads. An on-demand music service and iTunes Android app are apparently being considered as a…