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The BBC goes after Netflix head-on with aptly named Britflix

While the BBC's iPlayer makes some of its content available online, that may just be the start. It is reportedly working with other networks, including iTV and NBCUniversal, to plan a streaming competitor for Netflix. The working title?…
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Could Apple’s iTV be OLED? No, but that hasn’t stopped speculation

Another Apple iTV rumor emerges, this time with visions of an OLED display for the company's long-awaited piece of flat screen hardware. But as industry analysts predict the future of the iTV ad infinitum, is Apple pointing its gaze…
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What Apple’s acquisition of Primesense motion detection means for gesture-based TV

We've all been waiting anxiously for Apple'sTV to materialize, and it makes sense that we'd be excited - Apple makes awesome stuff. But we've been waiting this long for a reason, and it's not because Apple is having trouble realizing an iTV…

Apple just bought the company that invented Microsoft’s Kinect

A report Sunday claims Apple has acquired PrimeSense, the Israeli company behind Microsoft’s Kinect motion-sensor technology. The Cupertino company may be planning to build the system into a number of its products, including the…

Something afoot? Apple acquires video discovery service

Apple has acquired video discovery service for between $1m and $1.5m. It's not known precisely how the Cupertino company intends to utuilize the service, but no doubt the move will fuel more speculation about its TV-based…

Apple’s quiet time continues, as Tim Cook says “amazing” things will come in late 2013 and into 2014

Apple CEO Tim Cook has dropped a very heavy hint we won't be seeing any new product launches from the company this side of the summer, but it has got some exciting things planned for the fall and into 2014.

Rumor: Apple’s iTV will arrive early 2014 or sooner, sporting 4K resolution

All the recent talk about a rumored iWatch has pushed Apple's yet-to-be-announced iTV into the shadows somewhat. Well, it's back, with a new report suggesting it'll be a 4K Ultra HD set with voice and motion control that's likely to launch…

Apple’s new iMacs are great, but can we get an iTV already?

Apple's new iMacs are mighty impressive, but we're still left wondering why the company doesn't just give us its next big thing: an iTV.

Apple’s rumored iTV ‘the biggest thing since the smartphone,’ says analyst

The father of the iTV rumor, Piper Jaffray analyst Gene Munster, says the rumored Apple television set is real, it's game-changing, and it's coming out this year.

Will the confirmed iPad 3 Retina display make way for the new Apple TV?

With the potential launch announcement of the new iPad approximately two and a half weeks away, a confirmed report on the iPad 3 resolution may point to Apple rolling out an improved Apple TV or the much debated Apple television set.

Apple iTV rumor: Prototype in Canadian labs with Siri and Kinect-like features

Apple is reported to have given potential Canadian launch partners iTV prototypes for testing, which may exhibit Siri and Kinect-like functionalities.

On the Apple iTV lookout: Best Buy surveys customers about a 42-inch, $1,499 Apple HDTV [UPDATE: Best Buy explains]

Has a survey testing the Apple iTV waters from Best Buy outed the company's next big (and very expensive) product?