Apple targeted in legal action over the ‘iWatch’ name it never used

Type "iWatch" into Google's search engine and you'll likely see an ad from Apple pointing you to a page for its Apple Watch. That may sound reasonable enough, but an Ireland-based software company that owns the iWatch trademark in Europe…

Trends with Benefits: Apple TV’s future, listener questions answered, and DT sings

We determine exactly what the Apple iWatch and Apple TV should do for humanity, compare Fitbit vs. the Healbe Gobe, and take a question from listener Jeff about capacitors. Oh, also a band was formed during the show.

It’s OK, lefties, the Apple Watch is for you, too

It won't have escaped the notice of lefties interested in Apple's just-unveiled smartwatch that the placement of the Digital Crown would've made for some tricky maneuvers if Apple's design team hadn't taken them into account.

Hands on: Apple’s Watch changes everything. Or does it?

Apple has finally taken the veil of its long-awaited smartwatch, and while it doesn’t put its Android counterparts to shame on looks alone, the promising new interface could radically change the face of wearable gadgets to come.

All eyes are on Apple. Here’s what’s coming, and how to watch today’s event live

Apple will livestream the iPhone 6 and iWatch event on September 9 starting at 10 a.m. PST. Here's how to watch it and what we expect to see at the event.

Apple hires renowned designer Marc Newson to work with Jony Ive

Apple has confirmed the hire of one of the world's leading designers, Marc Newson. Among his previous work you'll find bicycles, sculptures, yachts and — perhaps significantly — luxury watches.

iWatch Rumors: Wearable enters final stages of testing, but may not debut until 2015

Apple's iWatch has been one of the biggest secrets in tech for a couple years now. Here's a look at everything we know about it, from the team designing it to the features it might have.

Jony Ive thinks the iWatch is so super cool it could disrupt the Swiss watch industry

Apple's Jony Ive says that the iWatch is really cool. The iconic designer added that the Swiss watch industry may have met its match in the iWatch.

Would you pay $400 for your first iWatch?

As the world waits to see what Apple has in store for us on September 9, the latest rumor swirling around the iWatch is that it will cost $400 (or the equivalent of two Android Wear watches).

iWatch may debut on September 9 alongside both iPhone 6 models

Apple may unveil the iWatch at its September 9 event along with both iPhone 6 models. The iWatch will also reportedly work with HealthKit and HomeKit from iOS 8.

The iWatch could be here sooner than you think

How would you like an iWatch to go with your iPhone 6 in September? John Gruber, prominent authority on all things Apple, thinks that the two devices could be launched at the same time.