Apple's troubles in Japan continue as antitrust watchdog may spring into action

Japan's Fair Trade Commission looks to make some noise by taking action against Apple and three of the country's top carriers on antitrust grounds. All four companies have denied any wrongdoing.

Japanese kitchen manufacturer unveils minimalist units for the city dweller

With a set of kitchen units from Japanese kitchen manufacturer Sanwa, you’ll never have to compromise again. The collection offers a combination of flexibility and style, designed for those with small living spaces.

Reports: Apple hit with $118 million fine for underreporting income in Japan

Apple is finding more trouble when it comes to taxes -- the company has been slapped with a $118 million fine for underreporting its income in Japan. The news comes only a few weeks after Apple was ordered to pay $14.5 billion in taxes in…

First Japanese Evo tournament will take place early in 2018

January 2018 is the date, mark it in your calendars. That's when the Evo Championship Series will finally set down on Japanese shores for the first time, despite the strong Japanese presence in the regular tournaments.
Cool Tech

Humanoid robots are helping travelers at a Tokyo airport

Visit Tokyo's Haneda international airport anytime soon and you might run into one of its humanoid robots. Built by Hitachi, the EMIEW machines are trundling about the terminal buildings guiding and assisting travelers as part of…

Cat fans, here’s a version of Street View just for you

"Cat Street View" is exactly what it sounds like – a kitty-centric version of Google's popular Street View tool that lets you explore a couple of towns in Japan from the perspective of a cat.

Using public transportation? Just whip out your iPhone if you're in Japan

New Yorkers may still have to wait a bit longer to pay for their subway rides with their smartphones, but it looks like those in Japan may be enjoying this feature sooner rather than later.

Japan has just reported its first ‘Pokémon Go’-related death

Earlier this month Japanese cops said they'd handed out more than 700 tickets for traffic violations involving people playing Pokémon Go while operating a vehicle. On Wednesday it revealed its first death related to the game, caused by a…

Japan’s prime minister became ‘Super Mario’ at the Olympic closing ceremony

It's not every day you see a world leader dressed up as a famous video game character, but that's exactly what happened during the Rio Olympics' closing ceremony on Sunday night.

Japan’s Horinouchi House makes 600 square feet seem like a bona fide mansion

Located in west Tokyo, Japan's Horinouchi House sits on just 600 square feet of land but was constructed to make the home feel much bigger than it is. Gorgeously lit and spacious enough for a family, the home is a wonder.

Samara is Airbnb's new project to take on the challenge of urban planning

This week, Airbnb is taking on a new challenge by starting a brand new division. It’s called Samara, and its first project is to design a communal housing project that will reinvigorate the small town of Yoshino, Japan.

Japanese cops are handing out hundreds of traffic tickets to ‘Pokémon Go’ players

Cops in Japan have revealed that in just a couple of weeks they've so far ticketed more than 700 individuals for playing Pokémon Go while operating a vehicle, motorcycle, or bicycle.