Running low on battery? Japan is testing mobile USB chargers on buses

Japan, a nation well known for its rather wacky technological innovations (remember their robot hotel?), is now debuting something decidedly within the realm of reason: USB charging stations within public transportation.
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At last! Makers of Japan’s high-tech toilets will unify symbols for foreign tourists

Japan has been making high-tech, button-laden toilets for years, but different companies adorn them with different symbols. This has caused some issues – and surprises – for foreign tourists, but the good news is that this is all about…
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Japan’s bid to launch world’s smallest satellite-carrying rocket ends in failure

Japan's unique "mini rocket" is built with parts from gadgets like mobile phones and is touted as the world's smallest satellite launch vehicle. It could slash the cost of sending small satellites into space, though clearly…
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Panasonic’s autonomous robot may have your job someday

Panasonic is testing service robots in Narita, Japan, though it says there are "no plans" to roll them out permanently. Still, we're closer than ever to the autonomous bots from our favorite sci-fi series.

A potty break for your iPhone 7? Toilet paper for smartphones is now a thing

Several surveys have suggested that our smartphones often hold more bacteria than a typical toilet seat. This uncomfortable reality has prompted a Tokyo airport to start offering travelers toilet paper designed specially for your handset.
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Japan’s Kounotori has docked at ISS, and the junk collector will soon be deployed

There's a lot of junk in space, and now, there's a junk collector. Japan has sent a cargo ship to the International Space Station that has a "space junk" collector made in conjunction with a fishnet company. It recently docked with ISS.

Ferrari transformed its 488 Spider into this stunning special edition

The Ferrari J50 is a special edition built to celebrate the 50th anniversary of Ferrari in Japan. It's based on the 488 Spider, but features dramatically different styling, including a targa roof.
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Domino's Japan testing reindeer for pizza delivery.

As Christmas gets closer, you'll see more and more holiday themed promotions. Domino's Japan knows this, and they're drafting reindeer to make deliveries of their pizzas this winter.

The fastest supercomputer in the world may soon come out of Japan

It's already one of the most technologically advanced countries, and now, Japan is looking to cement its position at the forefront of digital innovation. It's all contingent upon a new supercomputer that aims to be the fastest in the world.
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Japanese rocket launches manga drawings and weather satellite into orbit

The Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA) successfully delivered a weather satellite into geostationary orbit today. But, for kids across Japan, the main attraction wasn't the satellite -- it was the manga artwork carried it.

Toyota plans to build 100 fuel-cell buses in time for the 2020 Olympics

The Toyota FC Bus hydrogen fuel-cell bus will go on sale in Japan next year. Toyota hopes to have 100 buses on the road in time for the 2020 Tokyo Olympics, with deliveries ramping up in 2018.

Want a smaller version of the LG V20? It's called the LG V34 Isai Beat

LG released a new version of the V20 in Japan, called the V34 Isai Beat. But what makes the device special? Not only does it feature a more compact 5.2-inch display, but it also has IP67 waterproofing.