Sony’s small but powerful Xperia Z1 F announced, but only Japan gets to enjoy it

Sony has announced the Xperia Z1F, and as the rumors predicted, it's a small phone which packs a considerable punch, as aside from the screen size, it's specs are the same as the Xperia Z1. Sadly, it's only confirmed for Japan at the…
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Google launches Android game vending machines in Tokyo

Google has launched three Google Play vending machines in Tokyo where owners of Android smartphones can download games. However, given that each machine is staffed by several Google employees, we don' expect to see them rolled out…
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World’s first inflatable concert hall debuts in Japan’s disaster area

The world's first inflatable concert hall is set to debut this weekend in northeastern Japan, the region devastated by 2011’s quake and tsunami. The purple and red blow-up structure comprises a coated polyester material and can seat…

Despite exceedingly poor Xbox 360 sales in Japan, Microsoft likes its chances

Even after several major retailers in Japan decided to stop carrying the Xbox 360 altogether, Microsoft claims its sales were actually deceptively strong as it prepares for the Xbox One

iPhone 5S goes on sale, consumers around the world already caressing new device

Apple's new iPhone 5S handset is already on sale in a number of countries, including Japan where some people started lining up outside the company's Ginza store 10 days ago. Let's hope it was worth the wait.
Cool Tech

Taxi firm to fit cabs with alarm-enabled lost property detectors

Imagine this – during a cab ride, your mobile phone slips out of your pocket onto the back seat. As you pay your fare and go to leave, an alarm sounds, alerting you to your forgotten phone, and saving you a whole load of hassle.

PlayStation 4 launches in Japan in 2014

Sony confirms that the PlayStation 4 will launch in Japan on February 22, 2014. All consoles are packaged with the game Knack in Japan, and consumers will have an addition 18 launch titles for purchase to choose from.

Japan to launch Internet ‘fasting camps’ for half a million Web-addicted students

According to a recent study by the country's Health Ministry, Japan appears to have more than its fair share of Internet addicts among its youth population, an issue the government intends to tackle with the launch of Internet ‘fasting…

When tech goes wrong: Major quake alert mistakenly sent to millions across Japan

A quake alert sent out simultaneously to millions of handsets across Japan on Thursday warned that a huge quake was imminent. TV shows were also interrupted with the information as people were told to brace themselves. But nothing happened…
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Segway lite? Toyota’s ‘Winglet’ aims to turn us into wheeled Wall-E fatties

Segways/Winglets for those who can't walk or ride I understand. But if you can put one foot in front of the other, like people have been doing to keep fit and in motion for millennia, I think that's a good skill we should retain and…
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Kirobo, the world’s first talking ‘robot astronaut’, heads for International Space Station

Kirobo, the world's first talking 'robot astronaut', is heading for the ISS after blasting off from Japan on Sunday. The knee-high android is set to conduct the first ever space-based communication experiments between a robot and a human.

Stunning view of Andromeda – 2.5 million light years away – captured by super telescope

A team of astronomers has captured a remarkable view of the Andromeda galaxy using an ultra-high-resolution camera attached to its Subaru super telescope in Hawaii. The feat will pave the way for an ambitious 'cosmic census' project.