Sony announces ‘Digital Paper’: Ultra-thin, 13.3-inch flexible e-reader for universities

Sony's delving into the education side of things with its new 'Digital Paper' flexible e-reader. Though currently a prototype, the 13.3-inch E ink device is intended for use at universities. With an included stylus, the device is designed…

Microsoft refuses to let Japan go and gives the Xbox 360 one final push

Japan has never cottoned to Microsoft's consoles, not the original Xbox nor its far more successful successor, the Xbox 360. Microsoft has never quite given up on the market, though, and it's giving the Xbox 360 one more marketing push…

Street View: Google posts imagery of town evacuated after Fukushima disaster

At the request of its mayor, Google has posted Street View imagery of Namie, a town close to Fukushima that was evacuated, and remains empty, following the multiple meltdowns at the nuclear facility more than two years ago.

Asus to release a cheaper Transformer Book … in Japan

The first Windows 8 ultrabook convertible by Asus was a tad too expensive than people would've liked. Thankfully, the company will be releasing a cheaper version of the device this week - but only in Japan.

Street View: Google to map deserted town evacuated after Fukushima disaster

A town in Japan evacuated in March 2011 after a meltdown at the nearby Fukushima nuclear facility is being mapped by Google. Street View cars began collecting data in the deserted town this week, with images expected to appear online in the…

Google’s Public Alerts service launches in Japan, offers up-to-date information during natural disasters

Google has launched its Public Alerts service for people living in Japan. The online system will provide up-to-the-minute information and relevant emergency alerts in the event of a natural disaster.

Apple launches iBookstore in Japan, goes up against Google, Amazon and Rakuten

Apple launched its iBookstore in Japan on Tuesday. With millions of people in the East Asian nation owning iPhones and iPads, the new market is sure to be a lucrative one for the Cupertino company.

Sega brings retro console-themed laptops to Japan

If you've always wanted to tote around your beloved Sega console, have we got a laptop for you. Unfortunately, these retro Sega console-themed laptops and laptop lids are only available in Japan.

YouTube opens new ‘creator space’ in Tokyo, its first in Asia

YouTube is giving video producers in Japan a chance to get their hands on some high-tech production equipment with the opening of a new 'creator space' in Tokyo's Roppongi Hills. YouTube already has simliar facilities in London and Los…
Cool Tech

Scientists have built a robot that makes rats depressed. Yay, science?

Never mind the future of law enforcement, apparently the future of medical research is also going to be robotic. In this case, a team at Waseda University has designed a robot rat to make the lives of real-life rats miserable, just to see…

BlackBerry: No plans to release new BB10 phones in Japan

BlackBerry has said it has "no plans" to release its new BlackBerry 10 devices in Japan because, with only a 0.3 percent market share in the nation, it's "not a major market" for the company.
Home Theater

Japan planning world’s first 4K/Ultra HD live broadcast for the 2014 World Cup

Japan plans to offer the world its first 4K/Ultra HD broadcast via the 2014 World Cup.