Cool Tech

Build your own functional mecha for $1.35 million

After decades of dreaming the Japanese can finally offer people customized giant robots.
Movies & TV

Battle Royale may hit US shores as a CW teen drama

Battle Royale may be coming to the US, but probably not in a form you'll enjoy.
Cool Tech

Your chance to be shunned by humanity: Wearable, brainwave monitoring, motorized cat ears.

Just when you thought Japan couldn't get any more quirky, it comes up with brainwave monitoring motorized cat ears, on sale now.

Japan restarts first nuclear reactor since Fukushima disaster

Amid lingering fears of another nuclear catastrophe, a reactor at Japan's Ōi Nuclear Power Plant has resumed service.
Cool Tech

Feeling lazy? Suction doormat means you won’t have to wipe

A company in Japan has designed a high-tech suction doormat that cleans the soles of shoes simply by walking on it.
Cool Tech

Cool summer idea: Brewer serves up frozen froth to keep beer icy cold

Beer drinkers listen up. A Japanese brewer has come up with a novel way to keep cool this summer by designing a machine which adds a frozen froth to your beer.
Cool Tech

Transparent tech: DoCoMo unveils smartphone with dual-sided see-through touchscreen

Japan's DoCoMo has come up with an Android smartphone prototype incorporating a transparent touchscreen that can be operated from the front and back.
Cool Tech

Japan’s Softbank unveils radiation detecting smartphone following Fukushima disaster

Japanese mobile carrier Softbank has unveiled a smartphone capable of measuring radiation levels. The device, set to go on sale in the summer, is aimed at those concerned about environmental contamination following the Fukushima nuclear…

Electric car company tries to bail out Saab

Thanks to a last-minute bid by a mysterious group of investors, the Saab story isn't over yet.
Cool Tech

Cocorobo: Japan’s emotionally needy answer to the Roomba

If there was one thing missing from the ubiquitous Roomba, it was emotional interaction. Thankfully, developers at Sharp have amended that issue.
Android Army

Sony Xperia GX and SX announced for Japan, both ripe for a future international release

Sony has announced a pair of new Xperia phones, the GX and SX, destined for the Japanese market, however previous leaks indicate at least one will be made available internationally in the future.

Who has the fastest Internet? Report sheds light on most- and least-connected countries

Wondering where the best places in the world are to plug in? A new report has the answers, but are we any closer to a global village?