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Space junk: Japan to use ‘magnetic net’ to clean up floating debris

Japan's national aerospace agency is planning to launch a 'magnetic net' into space in an effort to clean up the increasing amount of potentially dangerous space debris circling the planet. The first test of the technology will take place…

In Japan, iPhones are 8 of the top 10 best-selling smartphones

We'd heard the Apple iPhone was popular in Japan, and now sales figures have proven just how much it's adored. According to research, the iPhone occupied eight of the top ten smartphone sales positions during the first week of December.

Nissan’s self-driving car tested on public roads for first time, comes back in one piece

Nissan plans to start selling its self-driving car by 2020. This week it tested it out on public roads in full automatic mode for the very first time, and we're happy to report it returned to base in one piece.

iPhone is even more popular in Japan than it is in the United States

Apple is sure to be pleased with the iPhone 5S' performance in Japan, as according to new research, the country has become its number one market for the iPhone, passing America.

Leaked Xperia Z1S could be Sony’s international version of the small, powerful Z1F

An international version of the Sony Xperia Z1F, named the Xperia Z1S, has been leaked. Sony's small-but-powerful Xperia Z1F is currently only scheduled for release in Japan.

Sorry USA and China! Sony Mobile is focusing on Europe and Japan

Sony has decided to focus its smartphone efforts in the two regions where it's most popular, Europe and Japan, for now. Sony's CEO says it doesn't make sense to do everything at once, and says the U.S. and China will come later.

Sony’s small but powerful Xperia Z1 F announced, but only Japan gets to enjoy it

Sony has announced the Xperia Z1F, and as the rumors predicted, it's a small phone which packs a considerable punch, as aside from the screen size, it's specs are the same as the Xperia Z1. Sadly, it's only confirmed for Japan at the…
Android Army

Google launches Android game vending machines in Tokyo

Google has launched three Google Play vending machines in Tokyo where owners of Android smartphones can download games. However, given that each machine is staffed by several Google employees, we don' expect to see them rolled out…
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World’s first inflatable concert hall debuts in Japan’s disaster area

The world's first inflatable concert hall is set to debut this weekend in northeastern Japan, the region devastated by 2011’s quake and tsunami. The purple and red blow-up structure comprises a coated polyester material and can seat…

Despite exceedingly poor Xbox 360 sales in Japan, Microsoft likes its chances

Even after several major retailers in Japan decided to stop carrying the Xbox 360 altogether, Microsoft claims its sales were actually deceptively strong as it prepares for the Xbox One

iPhone 5S goes on sale, consumers around the world already caressing new device

Apple's new iPhone 5S handset is already on sale in a number of countries, including Japan where some people started lining up outside the company's Ginza store 10 days ago. Let's hope it was worth the wait.
Cool Tech

Taxi firm to fit cabs with alarm-enabled lost property detectors

Imagine this – during a cab ride, your mobile phone slips out of your pocket onto the back seat. As you pay your fare and go to leave, an alarm sounds, alerting you to your forgotten phone, and saving you a whole load of hassle.