Android Army

Google boss Eric Schmidt launches Nexus 7 tablet in Japan

Google continued with the roll out of its Nexus 7 tablet on Tuesday, launching it in Japan, one of the world's most lucrative markets.
Social Media

Twitter’s new Lifeline feature helps users in Japan access emergency information

Twitter launched a new feature today called Lifeline to help users in Japan access relevant information during an emergency.

iPhone 5 handset of choice for thieves too, with hundreds stolen in string of raids

Hours before the iPhone 5 went on sale Friday, thieves in two countries were busy filling their swag bags with the new handset.
Android Army

Samsung win: Patent violation case brought by Apple in Japan dismissed by judge

Apple had been hoping to score another win over Samsung in its ongoing global patent infringement battle with the Korean tech firm. However, its latest claim, heard in a Tokyo court on Friday, was dismissed by the judge.

Japan’s poo-powered Toilet Bike Neo makes a big stink outside Tokyo

Japanese toilet-maker Toto has sparked a green revolution of a different hue with its poo-powered Toilet Bike Neo.

Sharp to cut 2,000 jobs domestically in first layoffs in 60 years

Sharp has announced plans to cut its domestic workforce by 2,000 as it struggles against Asian competitors selling cheaper TVs. Globally, the electronics company is planning to lose about 10 percent of its workers by March next year.

Tokyo Jungle finally gets an American release date

Tokyo Jungle is coming to America, and it's only a month away.

Coming to America: How The Legend of Zelda made it from Japanese to English

Ace translator Clyde Mandelin has spilled a few new details on how The Legend of Zelda made its original journey to both English and America.
Cool Tech

Meet Tawabo, a new quadrilingual tour guide robot at Tokyo Tower

A quadrilingual robot called Tawabo has made its first appearance on the observation deck of Tokyo Tower, meeting and greeting visitors from overseas in four different languages.
Cool Tech

Asimo technology helps build Honda’s Stride Management Assist device

Honda has been making progress with its Stride Management Assist device, built with technology used by Asimo, the company's humanoid robot.
Cool Tech

Build your own functional mecha for $1.35 million

After decades of dreaming the Japanese can finally offer people customized giant robots.
Movies & TV

Battle Royale may hit US shores as a CW teen drama

Battle Royale may be coming to the US, but probably not in a form you'll enjoy.