When tech goes wrong: Major quake alert mistakenly sent to millions across Japan

A quake alert sent out simultaneously to millions of handsets across Japan on Thursday warned that a huge quake was imminent. TV shows were also interrupted with the information as people were told to brace themselves. But nothing happened…
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Segway lite? Toyota’s ‘Winglet’ aims to turn us into wheeled Wall-E fatties

Segways/Winglets for those who can't walk or ride I understand. But if you can put one foot in front of the other, like people have been doing to keep fit and in motion for millennia, I think that's a good skill we should retain and…
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Kirobo, the world’s first talking ‘robot astronaut’, heads for International Space Station

Kirobo, the world's first talking 'robot astronaut', is heading for the ISS after blasting off from Japan on Sunday. The knee-high android is set to conduct the first ever space-based communication experiments between a robot and a human.

Stunning view of Andromeda – 2.5 million light years away – captured by super telescope

A team of astronomers has captured a remarkable view of the Andromeda galaxy using an ultra-high-resolution camera attached to its Subaru super telescope in Hawaii. The feat will pave the way for an ambitious 'cosmic census' project.
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Honey, let’s shrink the kids (using this 3D printer)

3D printers can create this, that and the other these days, but did you know they can also shrink the kids? That's right, a company in Japan is now offering to print up figurines of the family using nothing more than a set of photos.

Street View lets you climb Mount Fuji without breaking a sweat

If you've ever dreamed of climbing a mountain but were put off by the fact that you might have to actually expend some energy, you'll be pleased to know that Street View and Mount Fuji have come together to help turn your fantasy into…

Xbox One won’t launch until 2014 in Japan

Microsoft Japan president and CEO Yasuyuki Higuchi confirms that the Xbox One won't be released in Japan until 2014, owing to the fact that the country is deemed a 'tier 2' market.

Apple moves to protect ‘iWatch’ name, files for trademark in Japan

Following months of rumors suggesting Apple is developing a high-tech smartwatch, it emerged on Monday that the Cupertino company last month filed for the 'iWatch' trademark in Japan.

Abandoned Japanese island that inspired villain’s lair in Skyfall comes to Street View

If you fancy a trip to an eerie, abandoned island – one which turned up in Bond movie Skyfall – then you can probably guess which Google service will deliver the goods.
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‘Anti-Glass’ specs developed to block face recognition technology

If you have concerns about Google Glass and its potential for face recognition services, you might need to get yourself a pair of these 'anti-Glass' specs developed by researchers in Japan.

Trash can that looks like new Mac Pro causes a stir in Japan

The design of the new Mac Pro is SO 2008, at least, it is if the design of the Tubelor trash can is anything to go by. The Tubelor hit the headlines in Japan this week when someone noticed it bore a striking resemblance to Apple's new…

Apple fans in Japan hit with hefty iDevice price hikes

Apple has suddenly whacked up the prices of a number of its iDevices in Japan, with a weak yen cited as the cause of the hike. Anyone who was considering buying, for example, the 128GB iPad will now have to fork out an extra 13,000 yen…