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No salt, no problem: Electric fork simulates salty flavors with electric currents

Who needs salt when you have electricity? That’s the proposition of the “electric flavoring fork” created by a researcher in Japan to make meals more palatable for people who need to stick to low-salt or no-salt diets.
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Japan's Fukushima ice wall ready to go into service

Japan will activate an ice wall to contain the ongoing contamination from the 2011 disaster at the Fukushima nuclear power plant. The refrigeration system will create a frozen underground ice wall to seal in the radioactive waste.

Nintendo denies Nikkei report, claims Wii U hardware production will continue

Nintendo has denied reports from earlier this week indicating that it would end Wii U production in order to focus on its next home console, reaffirming its support for the platform's dedicated player base.
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A Japanese AI program just wrote a short novel, and it almost won a literary prize

A novel written largely by an artificial intelligence passed the first round of screening for a national literary prize in Japan. A team from Future University Hakodate programmed the AI, and then set it loose to "write" the novel that was…
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A Russian billionaire wants to build a cobra-like skyscraper in Japan

Architect Vasiliy Klyukin took to his blog this week to reveal the ambitious details of constructing a snake-like skyscraper in China or Japan. Though just a batch of renderings, the building would resemble a standing cobra.
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Japan starts building the world’s largest floating solar farm

Japanese tech firm Kyocera has been building floating solar farms since 2014, and it's now embarking on its biggest project to date. Scheduled for completion in 2018, this latest facility will use 50,000 solar panels to power around 5,000…

The wearable chair is now a thing 1:31

For all those times you've wished you could just take a seat, it is my duty to inform you that the Archelis (literally, "walkable chair" in Japanese), has now been introduced, and can be purchased within a couple years.
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Toshiba’s robot arms called in to help with hazardous Fukushima clean-up

A variety of robots have so far helped out inside the debris-strewn and radiation-filled reactor buildings of the crippled Fukushima nuclear plant. The latest, from Toshiba, is a giant, remotely operated three-armed crane designed…
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Japanese researchers have created holograms you can touch, poke, and push 3:44

A team of researchers in Japan has created HaptoClone, which allows people to touch objects and other people without being near them. In other words, we now have touchable holograms.
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Japan shows off proposed Olympic stadium designs after scrapping pricey first effort

Following increasing criticism of its outlandish design and spiraling construction costs, the Japanese government in July scrapped the original plan for its 2020 Olympic stadium. This week it unveiled two new proposals by acclaimed Japanese…

Rise of smartwatches prompts top Japanese university to ban ALL watches from exams

Smartwatches are following in the footsteps of handsets, picking up exam room bans at schools and colleges around the world over cheating concerns. Prestigious Kyoto University has just become the first in Japan to ban the wrist-based…
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Japanese security drone detects intruders, then follows them around with a camera

This newest drone from Japanese company Secom is a criminal's worst nightmare -- not only is it designed to autonomously detect intruders, it also will follow them and photograph them as they try to escape.