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Watch Japanese cops use a net-equipped drone to catch a ‘rogue’ quadcopter 1:14

After a remotely controlled copter carrying a radioactive substance landed on the Japanese prime minister's office in Tokyo earlier this year, cops have been looking for an effective way to take down rogue UAVs. The solution?…
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Japanese police plan to battle drones with even bigger drones, equipped with nets

New laws on drone use came into force in Japan on Thursday, severely restricting where hobbyists can fly their machines. To police the new rules, Tokyo cops are thought to be prepping "a large drone" with a net to take down…
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Robots might take over almost half of Japan within the next 20 years

According to researchers' predictions, up to 49 percent of Japanese jobs could be taken by robots within the next two decades. And with Japan's quickly aging population, this may not even be a bad thing for the country's economy.
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These new Japanese noodles are low-cal, gluten-free, and … made from trees

Omikenshi Co. is the number two rayon manufacturer in Japan, and they're using their textile production process to create flour from inedible tree pulp and the bitter konjac plant. The resulting flour has a better taste and texture than…

Nintendo launches cross-platform user accounts in Japan

Nintendo launched a cross-platform user account system in Japan this week, giving players the ability to track their digital purchases and earn bonus cash back from eShop activity.
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This app lets you design your own accessories with your phone 1:20

With Japan's Monomy, described as an online DIY custom jewelry marketplace, anyone can create their own fashion accessories, cobbling together any combination of the more than 1,500 different parts available on the app.

Out of desperation, Sharp begs its own workers to buy Sharp products

Struggling Sharp has told its workers to buy a load of Sharp stuff this holiday season to help dig it out of its financial mess. The Japanese electronics maker has even offered guidelines suggesting how much money different types of workers…
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Robots can now get into college, surpassing human scores on standardized tests

As it turns out, the Artificial Intelligence (AI) system developed by Japan’s National Institute of Informatics is now smart enough to pass the country's college entrance exam, scoring 511 out of 950 possible points.
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Japan guns for the moon with proposed 2019 lunar landing

Japan may become the fourth country in the world to land an unmanned vehicle on the moon, according to a newly announced project that would begin next year and end in 2019 with a soft lunar landing.

SNK Playmore to renew focus on console and mobile game development

SNK Playmore announced (via Dream Cancel) that it will shift its development focus to the console and mobile gaming sectors, following a series of sweeping changes to its pachislot business in Japan.

Fujitsu develops tech that turns biometric data into a cryptographic key

Researchers at Fujitsu, Kyushu University and Saitama University have developed a new means to turn biometric data into a secure cryptographic key that will make the data secure during transfer over a network.