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Autonomous machines may help Japan colonize Mars

The Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA) has commissioned construction company Kajima to build autonomous construction machinery that’ll help level ground, excavate, and develop long-term facilities for astronauts in outer space.

After many false starts, could Uber finally be making headway in Japan?

It may be a ubiquitous sight in major cities across the U.S., but despite its domestic domination, Uber still has a ways to go when it comes to making inroads overseas. But now, the transportation may have finally found a foothold in Japan.

Japanese phone manufacturer Freetel introduces 2 devices in the U.S. and Canada

Freetel, a Japanese mobile device manufacturer, is bringing its budget and midrange phones to the U.S. and Canada. The Kiwami is priced at $389 and the low-tier Priori3 is priced at $99.

This incredible hyper-lapse showcases the beauty and bustle of Tokyo

Cinematographer Christoph Gelep shows off the intricacies of one of the world's most unique cities with an incredible time-lapse. From beginning to end, the visuals and audio create for a mesmerizing tour of Tokyo.
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Want an impressive opening ceremony? 2020 Olympics may include man-made meteor shower

The Olympics may be all about athletic prowess, but its opening ceremonies have always been about showmanship. And what could be more spectacular than a man-made meteor shower?

Japan has its own answer to Airbnb

The latest player to enter the hospitality game and give Airbnb a run for its money is a Japanese startup named Hyakusenrenma, which recently secured $13 million to help fund its vacation rental services.
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Watch this dazzling ‘drone ballet’ in front of Japan’s Mount Fuji

Twenty-one drones and 16,500 LED lights recently combined for a dazzling "drone ballet" in front of Japan's iconic Mount Fuji, and the results, we're sure you'll agree, are truly stunning.

Mitsubishi overstated fuel economy on 620,000 cars in Japan

Mitsubishi admitted to overstating fuel economy on 620,000 cars sold in Japan over the past three years, including 468,000 supplied to Nissan. The company likely faces hefty fines for its actions.

Google and Verizon connecting Japan and Ecuador earthquake victims with loved ones

Google and Verizon have, with a combination of tools and fee waivers, made it easier to contact victims of the Japan and Ecuador earthquakes. They're also contributing to the relief efforts in both countries.
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Tourists in Japan could soon use their fingerprints as currency

Soon, you may be able to touch to buy -- literally. Capitalizing upon its status as one of the most technologically advanced countries in the world, Japan is planning to test a new system of currency over the summer -- the fingerprint.
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NASA and Japan just released over 2.95 million thermal satellite photos of Earth, for free

Japan's ASTER sensing instrument has been orbiting the Earth for the past 16 years collecting data about the Earth's surface. Now, following an announcement by NASA and Japan, all of ASTER's maps and data products are available to the…