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Meet Robear, a Japanese robot nurse with the face of a bear

With its population aging fast and birth rate falling, Japan is set to call on robots to help care for its senior citizens. A team of researchers in Nagoya recently unveiled the third version of Robear, a robot with a bear's face capable of…

Samsung may admit defeat in Japan, and withdraw from the smartphone market there

According to a report published in the Korean media, Samsung is considering withdrawing from the Japanese smartphone market, where it controls just 5-percent of the market.
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Netflix heading to Japan, company confirms

Netflix has confirmed it'll be launching its service in Japan in the fall. The rollout is part of the company's global expansion plans that could see it land in 150 new markets in the next two years.

This Japanese phone shows us what a network exclusive device should be like

Japanese network KDDI has announced the Infobar A03 smartphone, an exclusive device produced with the help of several top designers. Compact and stylish, it should be the template for all own-brand smartphones in the future.

Apple to sell heavily discounted products in another ‘Lucky Bag’ promotion on Jan. 2

On Jan. 2, 8 a.m. local time in Japan, Apple will continue to follow the Japanese tradition of fukubukuro (“lucky bag”), where brick-and-mortar retail stores sell bags filled with unknown items sold at heavy discounts.

Nissan unveils GT-R 45th Anniversary edition for Japan, possible upgrades for the U.S.

The Nissan GT-R may be relatively new to the U.S., but it's been on sale in its home market much longer, since 1969, in fact. Nissan is commemorating 45 years of the GT-R with a limited-edition model.
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Touchable 3D technology unveiled to enhance video games, driving, 3D printing

Thanks to the use of haptic technology, which is used in everyday objects such as video game controllers and smartphones to create vibrations simulating real-world touch-based interactions, Japan-based Miraisens has created touchable 3D…
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Japan to have 30 floating solar power islands to generate 60 megawatts of clean energy

Kyocera Corp. and Century Tokyo Leasing Corp. are partnering to build two massive solar power islands that will float on two reservoirs in Japan to generate about 2.9 megawatts of energy. Plans are in place to build a total of 30 such…

Google joins $300m venture to lay undersea Internet cable between US and Japan

Google has invested in a $300 million project to lay an undersea high-speed Internet cable between the US and Japan. The system should be up and running during the first half of 2016.

Japan’s new HTC J Butterfly manages to be better and worse than the HTC One M8

HTC has teamed up with Japanese network KDDI to launch the J Butterfly, a new take on its popular One M8 device. There are a few differences between the two, some of which make it better than its cousin, while others make it worse.
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Japan wants to see robots compete against each other in the 2020 Summer Olympics

Tokyo will host the 2020 Olympics, and if Prime Minister Shinzo Abe has any say in the matter, the world will see the world’s robots come together to compete for robotic supremacy.