Google joins $300m venture to lay undersea Internet cable between US and Japan

Google has invested in a $300 million project to lay an undersea high-speed Internet cable between the US and Japan. The system should be up and running during the first half of 2016.

Japan’s new HTC J Butterfly manages to be better and worse than the HTC One M8

HTC has teamed up with Japanese network KDDI to launch the J Butterfly, a new take on its popular One M8 device. There are a few differences between the two, some of which make it better than its cousin, while others make it worse.
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Japan wants to see robots compete against each other in the 2020 Summer Olympics

Tokyo will host the 2020 Olympics, and if Prime Minister Shinzo Abe has any say in the matter, the world will see the world’s robots come together to compete for robotic supremacy.

Subaru’s WRX S4 promises more sophisticated performance, but only in Japan

The 2015 Subaru WRX hasn't been on sale long, but Subaru is already cooking up a special edition. The WRX S4 will be unveiled in Japan in late August but Subaru is keeping things under wraps until then.

iTunes Pass now available in America, Australia, and the UK (Updated)

A new way of crediting money into iTunes has been launched. It's called iTunes Pass, and instead of using a gift card, Apple Store employees simply need to scan a pass inside the Passbook app on your device.
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Japan’s news-reading robot shouldn’t have too many newscasters fearing for their job

Japan unveiled the world's first news-reading robot on Tuesday, though judging by its performance, real newscasters needn't worry about being shoved aside in favor of an android. Not yet, anyway.
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Chromecast arrives in Australia, Belgium, Japan, Korea, Portugal, and Switzerland

Google announced today via blog post that users in Australia, Belgium, Japan, Korea, Portugal, and Switzerland can now use its beloved Chromecast dongle to begin casting content from their phones, tablets, or laptops to their TVs.

Xbox One set for September 4 release in Japan

Microsoft announced a September 4 release for the Xbox One in Japan, with regional launches in 26 countries overall expected for that month.

Time is ticking for Tizen, as Japanese network cancels plans to launch first phone

Are networks beginning to lose faith in Tizen? Number one Japanese network NTT DoCoMo has canceled plans to launch the first phone in March, following lengthy delays.
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Space junk: Japan to use ‘magnetic net’ to clean up floating debris

Japan's national aerospace agency is planning to launch a 'magnetic net' into space in an effort to clean up the increasing amount of potentially dangerous space debris circling the planet. The first test of the technology will take place…

In Japan, iPhones are 8 of the top 10 best-selling smartphones

We'd heard the Apple iPhone was popular in Japan, and now sales figures have proven just how much it's adored. According to research, the iPhone occupied eight of the top ten smartphone sales positions during the first week of December.

Nissan’s self-driving car tested on public roads for first time, comes back in one piece

Nissan plans to start selling its self-driving car by 2020. This week it tested it out on public roads in full automatic mode for the very first time, and we're happy to report it returned to base in one piece.