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Apple’s Jony Ive made a Christmas tree, and it’s exactly what you’d expect

Jony Ive has redesigned the Christmas tree as a tree with nothing on it. Apple's design chief, together with friend and collaborator Marc Newson, were asked to offer their own take on the festive tree for an installation at Claridge's hotel…
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Apple’s giving 60 Minutes a tour of its secretive design lab

Apple is opening up its secretive design lab to CBS cameras. In a new 60 Minutes episode, design chief Jony Ive and Apple's retail head Angela Ahrendts talk tech with Charlie Rose.

Jony Ive discusses why Apple finally made a stylus and named it Pencil

Jony Ive talks about what the name Pencil evokes as a product and how designing a product gave him a more significant understanding of how we do everyday things. He also explains why Apple finally made a stylus.
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Awesome Jony Ive soundboard lets you create soothing sentences using ‘aluminium’

Fans of Jony Ive's dulcet tones can now have him say what they want thanks to a new soundboard that's just hit the Web. The current list of vocabulary includes an abundance of Ive's carefully selected adjectives and, of course, the word…
DT Daily

DT Daily: Boeing unveils active EMP anti-electronics weapon 2:38

Today on DT Daily: Charter snaps up Time Warner cable, Apple's Jony Ive gets a promotion and Boeing brings the sci-fi with a new energy weapon.

Apple promotes Jony Ive to newly created ‘chief design officer’ position

The man behind some of Apple's most iconic products has just scored a promotion. Jony Ive is now the company's chief design officer, a position that sees him remain in charge of all design while freeing him up from various administrative…

Motorola’s president doesn’t take too kindly to Jony Ive’s criticism of Moto Maker

In response to Apple designer Jony Ive's criticism of Motorola's Moto Maker program, Motorola president Rick Osterloh came out and defended the program while taking a jab at Apple.

Jony Ive says round smartwatches make no sense in big Apple Watch reveal

Apple design guru Jony Ive revealed his inspiration for the Apple Watch and the iPhone 6's size in a new interview with the New Yorker. The piece also explains why the watch isn't round.

Jony Ive focuses on the small things in Vogue interview on the Apple Watch

Apple designer Jony Ive showed the Apple Watch to Vogue and explained the design process in an interview. The Vogue interview is further evidence of Apple's efforts to promote the Watch to fashion writers.

Jony Ive thinks the iWatch is so super cool it could disrupt the Swiss watch industry

Apple's Jony Ive says that the iWatch is really cool. The iconic designer added that the Swiss watch industry may have met its match in the iWatch.

8 things we’ve learned about Jony Ive, from Jony Ive

Apple's famed designer Jony Ive has been interviewed by the Sunday Times Magazine in the UK. Here are eight things we've learned about the man himself.

Mac Pro goes for $977,000 at Jony Ive and Marc Newson’s (RED) charity auction

A Mac Pro sold at auction over the weekend for a staggering $977,000. OK, it wasn't a regular, run-of-the-mill, recently redesigned black Mac Pro computer that comes with a starting price of $3,000. It was a red one.